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Shipping Law Firm in Birmingham

Shipping Law Firm in Birmingham

Shipping Law in the UK is the same as Maritime Law or Admiralty Law, the set of laws that supervise shipping activities. The set of local and international laws covers the rules for the registration of ships, cargo on ships, vessel insurance, rules for the transportation of persons, and even piracy issues. Our shipping law firm in Birmingham can represent you in cases where you face such problems.

Shipping disputes in the UK

It is important to mention from the start that our shipping law firm in Birmingham and more precisely our specialists can deal with disputes in the maritime sector. Among these, we mention:

  • Carriage of cargo – the rules on goods transported by sea can be violated and various disputes can arise.
  • The collision between ships – cases in which two ships can be involved in accidents at the sea and other types of collisions in the same environment.
  • Personal injury – situations in which large vessels are involved in maritime accidents and deaths and/or casualties are reported.
  • Salvage of ships, crew, and cargo – claims of this kind can be solved with the help of our specialists.
  • Ship crew claims for unpaid salaries – and such disputes come to the attention of the shipping law firm in London.

So, these are some of the disputes that can take place in the maritime sector. Those facing such issues can seek help and legal advice from our shipping law firm in Birmingham. Our lawyers will provide you with the necessary support and useful solutions for resolving disputes of this nature.

Where are maritime disputes resolved?

The Commercial Court is the institution where maritime disputes are presented. In this situation, the complaints are brought to the attention of the authorities, which refer to the uninsured or partially delivered cargo transport. But there are other types of disputes that you can discuss with our Birmingham lawyers, so you can see which court you can go to.
On the other hand, Admiralty Court is the institution where disputes involving collisions between ships, the conditions in which cargo is transported, mortgage disputes, and even situations involving shipwreck and saving human lives following an accident are resolved.
If you have a company that carries out its activities in the maritime field and has been involved in a dispute, we invite you to talk to our specialists, to find out what are steps to follow. Our shipping law firm in London is at your disposal with all the details.

Claiming compensation for personal injury

People who have been involved in a maritime accident can claim compensation and even have the right to do so. There are people who are afraid of lawsuits and the waiting time to solve such a case. The advice is to turn to a specialist lawyer, to discover their rights, and to proceed accordingly to obtain compensation. Even the families of the victims involved in a maritime accident can claim compensation, helped by our lawyers. So, for more details in this direction, do not hesitate to talk to us and get in touch with our shipping law in Birmingham.

Disputes in the import and export sector

Disputes involving importing and exporting companies often come to the attention of the authorities. Thus, situations are reported in which the transport of goods does not take place in optimal conditions, the shipment does not reach the destination or the transport vessels are involved in maritime accidents. Import and export companies thus suffer material damage of hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds, dollars or euros, annually.
Here are some statistics from this sector:

  • In terms of world fleet ownership, UK ranked 11th in 2020.
  • There are registered over 185,000 jobs in the maritime field each year.
  • Annually, contributions of approximately GBP 14.5 billion are recorded in the maritime sector.

Why work with our shipping law firm in Birmingham

Our shipping law firm in Birmingham has experience in the maritime sector, in terms of disputes and companies looking for solutions to solve such problems. We treat each case with professionalism and attention to detail, in order to provide optimal solutions to our customers. You can also direct your requests to our shipping law firm in London, as we have specialists here too.

So, if you want to know more about the legal help you can receive in case you are involved in a conflict, do not hesitate to contact our team of lawyers. Our shipping law firm in London can offer you specialized legal advice in order to overcome these problems successfully.