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Legal Services

Birmingham Law Firm

Relying on professionalism, discretion, experience, and confidence, our law firm in Birmingham is at the disposal of anyone interested in complete legal advice and support for a wide range of juridical problems. We would like to mention that our team of advisors successfully combines adaptability, knowledge, ethics, and involvement in a very proficient manner, tailored to the needs of clients, and searching for the best possible results. We invite you to discover a few of the legal services we can provide to our clients in UK, mentioning that our law firm is based in Birmingham.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from the services of our lawyers in Birmingham?

Both natural persons and companies can be represented by our advisors.

Types of cases we deal with

– personal injury,

– real estate,

– debt collection,

– clinical negligence,

– crimes,

– commercial disputes 

 Legal advice for insolvency cases (YES/NO)


We provide support for domestic violence cases Our experts have experience in domestic abuse cases and can represent you.
 Representation for fraud cases 

Company owners can receive legal advice if accused of fraud.

We offer copyright legal advice 

Your company needs protection for intellectual property and related aspects.

How can a probate solicitor in Birmingham help you?

For tax and accounting matters for real estate inheritance, claiming estates, verification of wills


Our Birmigham solicitors can write wills for persons who want to make the asset distribution.

Cases in which our criminal solicitors in Birmingham can help you

– financial crimes,

– fraud accusations,

– domestic violence,

– murder,

– robbery,

– cybercrime

Representation for military offences (YES/NO) Yes 
Legal advice for driving offences (YES/NO)


 We represent clients accused of drug offences

We can work on charges to be dropped in case of drug offence accusations.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Birmingham

– experience,

– professionalism,

– efficiency,

– affordable prices for the legal services provided

 No win no fee policy 

Our customers do not need to pay any fee if the case is not successful.

Free case evaluation Clients can present their case for an evaluation made by our solicitors. Dedicated solutions are offered.
 Family law matters  Our Birmingham attorneys have expertise in handling family law cases, including divorce, child custody, and domestic issues. 

Employment law 

We offer assistance with employment-related issues, ensuring fair treatment and resolving disputes.  

Real estate transactions 

We can help you with real estate matters, including property transactions and dispute resolution.  

Business legal advice   Our lawyers in Birmingham offer consultation and legal advice for businesses.
Immigration services 

Our law firm in Birmingham helps in navigating immigration processes and addressing related legal matters.  

Medical negligence claims 

You can seek our legal help regarding pursuing compensation for medical negligence. 

Legal consultation 

We offer personalized legal consultations to address individual needs and concerns.  

 Dispute resolution

Our attorneys can help you employ effective strategies for dispute resolution to avoid prolonged legal battles.  


Ensuring accessibility for clients, fostering open communication and trust is the priority of our lawyers.  

Legal research  We conduct thorough legal research to build strong cases and arguments.  
Court representation 

Skilled representation in court proceedings, advocating for clients’ interests effectively is offered by our law firm in Birmingham.  

Alternative dispute resolution 

Explore and utilize alternative dispute resolution methods with the help of our attorneys.  

 Employment contracts

We draft and review employment contracts for protecting the rights of both employers and employees.  

 Timely legal advice

Our lawyers provide timely legal advice to address urgent matters and guide clients promptly.  

Data protection compliance  Our solicitors assist businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance with data protection laws. 

Family Law solicitors in Birmingham – How can we help?

All the family matters and concerns are stipulated by the Family Law in UK, with the mention that there are different systems referring to family law and courts in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Parental responsibility, adoption, divorce, marriage, and civil partnership, child protection, and children’s rights are covered by the Family Law. Our solicitors in Birmingham can offer support and legal guidance in this important area for persons interested in marriage regulations, divorce procedures, adoption, custody, and many more. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 and Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 are part of the Family Law in UK. We can help both locals and foreigners getting married in UK or file for divorce, by guiding them with each step. Also, it is important to know that the Family Law Act 1996 also mentions important details about family protection against domestic violence. Please feel to get in touch with our solicitors in Birmingham if you want to benefit from complete legal advice and support.

Company formation lawyers in Birmingham

Another area we cover is the one referring to the formation and registration of a company in UK. We can provide support for document preparation and incorporation with the entitled authorities, regardless of the chosen city for business. Besides that, we can help foreign investors establish branches and subsidiaries in UK and we can represent their companies from a legal point of view. The incorporation process of a company in UK is not complex, but some specific rules and regulations need to be considered. This is where our team of lawyers in Birmingham can offer legal assistance and support.

How can we solve debt collection in UK?

With extensive experience in this area, our law firm in Birmingham can offer debt collection services to natural persons and companies in UK. Here are the main steps in debt collection in UK:

  1.  The process of debt collection starts with a letter of notification sent to the debtor.
  2. An amicable procedure is then presented in order to collect the debt.
  3. Then, all the terms for debt recovery (payments, credits, dates) are settled by the parties involved.
  4. In the case the amicable procedure fails, the case goes to the court of law.

More details about the debt collection procedure in UK can be offered by one of our barristers in Birmingham. Feel free to hire our legal services if you are interested in recovering debts.

Looking for a team of property solicitors in Birmingham? Our experts are at your disposal with top services and strategies designed to solve the problems you face. Our clients can be represented in real estate acquisitions, verification of contracts, real estate disputes, and many more. Commercial lease disputes can be quite complex cases, therefore, specialized help in this direction is recommended. We will make sure that you benefit from transparency, professionalism, and open communication when you collaborate with us.

Support from our immigration solicitors in Birmingham

Citizens from outside the EU must consider the visa and residence permit formalities. Also, if a job is accepted in the UK, then they must obtain a work permit. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to do business in the UK can apply for an entrepreneur visa, start-up visa, innovative visa, or global talent visa. As for those who want to work in Great Britain, they can apply for general work visas or temporary work visas and valid subcategories.

Immigration issues can be complicated for those who face them and cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. In these situations, they can benefit from the support provided by our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham. It is totally wrong to think that these experts have less experience compared to lawyers who charge certain fees for the legal services provided. The cases are treated with the same seriousness, taking into account the particularities and also the legislation in force. So feel free to talk to our lawyers in Birmingham if you want to apply for a visa, residence, and work permit, or if you want legal advice on immigration issues.

Property solicitors in Birmingham – count on us

Do you want to buy a property but do not know all the details in this regard? You should contact our specialists. Our property solicitors in Birmingham handle real estate due diligence analysis with real estate due diligence to detect possible inconsistencies or hidden property disputes.

Our legal services are addressed to both individuals and legal entities, and business owners who want to rent office space, for example, can call us for legal advice. We can prepare the necessary documents before signing and we can guide you on the legal aspects related to this type of transaction. So feel free to talk to our property solicitors in Birmingham for legal advice.

Divorce solicitors in Birmingham – get legal advice

Couples seeking a divorce in the UK should seek specialist legal advice from our divorce solicitors in Birmingham. The amicable divorce proposal will be submitted, a procedure by which the spouses agree on the division of the assets accumulated during the marriage, child custody, and visiting hours. In the UK there is legal separation instead of divorce, and the marriage can be annulled if one of the partners expressed his disagreement from the beginning.

Complicated divorce cases come before the court and can be time and money-consuming. However, our divorce solicitors in Birmingham will guide you through the process and represent your interests so that you can enjoy the results you want.

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham can deal with disputes in the business environment and can represent clients before the court or tribunal. Unfair dismissal, racial issues, or support for the transfer of employees also come to the attention of our specialists. If you find yourself in the above, we recommend that you talk to us and find out all the information that interests you. You can also benefit from a free case evaluation before collaborating with us.

Barristers in Birmingham – when you need help

Barristers in Birmingham are different from lawyers because they specialize in advocacy and litigation and can act according to the specifications provided by a lawyer. As they are in direct contact with the clients, without them choosing them, the barristers in Birmingham keep in touch with the court and the actions that take place. In addition, these experts are normally appointed by a judge.

Court documents can be prepared by a barrister in Birmingham, not before discussing all legal issues with a solicitor in Birmingham. What is essential is that the Bar Standards Board issues the necessary permits for barristers in Birmingham to practice. There are differences between barristers and solicitors, but for more details in this case and also for information about the services offered, please contact our specialists.

Other legal services offered by our law firm in Birmingham

Looking for best solicitors in Birmingham  might seem complicated at first. Our team of solicitors in Birmingham has vast experience and can be hired for a wide range of legal services, depending on the needs and problems that might occur at a certain point. Besides the above-mentioned areas we activate in, we would also like to mention the following:

  • Divorce solicitors in Birmingham – we can help persons file for divorce and represent them in the court of law.
  • Legal aid solicitors in Birmingham – we can provide legal aid for persons who are eligible for such support.
  • Driving offence solicitors in Birmingham – traffic offences can be handled by our team.
  • Personal injury lawyers in Birmingham – you can also hire us for personal injury cases.
  • Immigration solicitors in Birmingham – foreigners interested in immigration matters in UK can talk to our advisors.
  • Conveyancing lawyers in Birmingham – we can help you purchase or sell properties and provide support for remortgages or equity transfers.
  • Employment lawyers in Birmingham – support for hiring employees and for making contracts, maternity leave, pension schemes, and many more.

Why choose our solicitors in Birmingham

Although it is difficult to choose the best solicitors in Birmingham, in reality, you need to consider certain aspects before signing a collaboration. Experience in different areas, support, and attention to detail, transparency, and efficiency are some of the attributes you should keep in mind when looking for the best solicitors in Birmingham. You can get an idea about the legal services offered by our specialists, but also about the cases successfully solved if you get in touch with us. We have experience in family issues, immigration, real estate, personal injury, clinical negligence, commercial matters, and more.

Our lawyers in Birmingham can cover a wide range of legal services, as our team has experience in a number of important legal fields. We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Birmingham and find out more about the legal services we can provide for you. We are at your disposal with comprehensive guidance, support, and information.