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Birmingham Law Firm

Relying on professionalism, discretion, experience, and confidence, our law firm in Birmingham is at the disposal of anyone interested in complete legal advice and support for a wide range of juridical problems. We would like to mention that our team of advisors successfully combines adaptability, knowledge, ethics, and involvement in a very proficient manner, tailored to the needs of clients, and searching for the best possible results. We invite you to discover a few of the legal services we can provide to our clients in UK, mentioning that our law firm is based in Birmingham.

Family Law solicitors in Birmingham – How can we help?

All the family matters and concerns are stipulated by the Family Law in UK, with the mention that there are different systems referring to family law and courts in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Parental responsibility, adoption, divorce, marriage, and civil partnership, child protection, and children’s rights are covered by the Family Law. Our lawyers in Birmingham can offer support and legal guidance in this important area for persons interested in marriage regulations, divorce procedures, adoption, custody, and many more. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 and Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 are part of the Family Law in UK. We can help both locals and foreigners getting married in UK or file for divorce, by guiding them with each step. Also, it is important to know that the Family Law Act 1996 also mentions important details about family protection against domestic violence. Please feel to get in touch with our solicitors in Birmingham if you want to benefit from complete legal advice and support.

Company formation lawyers in Birmingham

Another area we cover is the one referring to the formation and registration of a company in UK. We can provide support for document preparation and incorporation with the entitled authorities, regardless of the chosen city for business. Besides that, we can help foreign investors establish branches and subsidiaries in UK and we can represent their companies from a legal point of view. The incorporation process of a company in UK is not complex, but some specific rules and regulations need to be considered. This is where our team of lawyers in Birmingham can offer legal assistance and support.

How can we solve debt collection in UK?

With extensive experience in this area, our law firm in Birmingham can offer debt collection services to natural persons and companies in UK. Here are the main steps in debt collection in UK:

  1.  The process of debt collection starts with a letter of notification sent to the debtor.
  2. An amicable procedure is then presented in order to collect the debt.
  3. Then, all the terms for debt recovery (payments, credits, dates) are settled by the parties involved.
  4. In the case the amicable procedure fails, the case goes to the court of law.

More details about the debt collection procedure in UK can be offered by one of our lawyers in Birmingham. Feel free to hire our legal services if you are interested in recovering debts.

Other legal services offered by our law firm in Birmingham

Our team of solicitors in Birmingham can be hired for a wide range of legal services, depending on the needs and problems that might occur at a certain point. Besides the above-mentioned areas we activate in, we would also like to mention the following:

We cover a wide range of legal services, as our team has experience in a number of important legal fields. We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Birmingham and find out more about the legal services we can provide for you. We are at your disposal with comprehensive guidance, support, and information.


We have a team of lawyers in Birmingham ready to offer their services in the fastest way possible. We also offer legal advice for natural and legal persons.

  • Education Lawyers in Birmingham

    An education lawyer in Birmingham has experience in a wide range of legal matters related to this important sector. Legal advice can be offered to students, teachers, parents, and even supervisors confronting different problems.

    February 26, 2021
  • Insolvency Solicitors in Birmingham

    Companies that struggle with debt should solicit legal advice from our insolvency solicitors in Birmingham. Businesses might confront unwanted situations at a certain time, and if the debts cannot be repaid, legal support is required.

    February 2, 2021
  • Domestic Violence Solicitors in Birmingham

    We have a dedicated team of domestic violence solicitors in Birmingham who can help victims of abuse to obtain protection. Domestic violence cases are both complex and sensitive and we know difficult can be for victims who get in touch with us.

    February 2, 2021
  • Lease Extension Solicitors in Birmingham

    Our lease extension solicitors in Birmingham are at your service with legal advice and support when dealing with issues related to leasehold properties, or for the extension of lease, to give some examples.

    February 2, 2021



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