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Medical Negligence Solicitors in Birmingham

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Birmingham

Clinical negligence is the same thing as clinical malpractice and it refers to health cases where inappropriate medical treatments or incorrect diagnoses have been provided to patients. In some cases, a wrong medical treatment can lead to serious consequences, like an illness getting worse, or even the death of a patient. Medical negligence enters the attention of our advisors, so persons looking for justice and fair treatment should get in touch with us. Our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with complete legal advice, so make sure you address your inquiries to our team.

Legal advice for medical negligence cases

Yes, it is highly recommended to talk to one of our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham and ask for legal assistance and support. Malpractice cases intervene when a patient or a family member of the patient discovers that the health status continues to change but in the wrong way. For example, a bad medication for a bad diagnosed illness will definitely lead to severe consequences.

Also, if the medical treatments offered by the staff in the hospital complicated the existing problems, a patient is entitled to investigate and ask for justice, not only for solutions. The legal advice and representation of our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham will prove extremely helpful because our team has experience in medical malpractice. The following details should be attentively measured when confronting medical negligence situations:

  •  A wrong diagnosis is connected to bad treatment. This is a serious case of malpractice.
  •  Ineffective surgical interventions are among the cases that enter our attention.
  •  Brain injury, paralysis, or other health problems occurred after a failed medical intervention enter the malpractice cases.
  •  Not being suitably cared for in the clinic or hospital is another serious case of medical negligence.

The above-mentioned cases are the most common medical negligence situations, nevertheless, persons involved without guilt in such circumstances should seek legal advice and representation from one of our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham.

Claiming compensation for medical negligence

You can simply get in touch with our team of medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham and find out complete information about how to claim compensation in medical malpractice cases. One should note that the person who suffered serious injuries can be represented by a family member or a legal tutor for claiming compensation.

This process is relatively simple, particularly if the case is serious enough to attract the attention of the authorities. In matters of documents, medical reports and bills, detailed statements, photos, financial evidence, police reports for injuries that occurred after a traffic accident, medical expenses and other related papers should be sufficient for starting the claim compensation process, followed by additional information if it is the case. The impact on daily activities, the severity of injuries, financial losses, or benefits will weigh much when a claim compensation is made. Our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham will attentively analyze your claim and make the necessary arrangements for a smooth process and collaboration with third parties.

Would you like to buy a property? Our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with complete legal services. we can manage the documents and verify them before any transaction. It is advisable to collaborate with a team of lawyers instead of acting on your own, to make sure that the property you are about to purchase is not subject to litigation. Feel free to contact us for complete information on this topic.

Making hospital negligence claims

A medical negligence claim comes into question when a patient does not receive specialized treatment or is neglected in a hospital. A negligent hospital should make any person think and legal support should be requested for compensation claims. Here are the cases in which we can help you:

  • Inadequate treatments or not providing them at the right time can be situations of medical negligence.
  • If the medical staff behaves negligibly and does not pay enough attention to the patients, then you can contact our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham.
  • Negligent treatments can be found in both state and private hospitals. Our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham can offer specialized advice regardless of the hospital where you were treated.

Birth injury claims – Act quickly

Birth cases in which babies were injured or treated improperly are considered medical negligence. Such a situation is really upsetting for parents, and even so, it is recommended that they act immediately and ask for legal help. Our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham will start the compensation claims procedures, working together with the parents to gather enough evidence to support the case.

Lack of oxygen, stillbirth or broken bones are extremely serious birth injuries for which you can claim compensation. So, ask for the help of our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham.

What is surgical negligence and how can I claim compensation?

Surgical negligence involves doctors’ mistakes in certain procedures and interventions. This type of medical negligence can lead to extremely serious consequences in the future, but patients who are involved in such situations can take immediate measures by contacting our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham. Here are some examples of surgical negligence:

  • The remaining medical instruments in the patient’s body, after the operation.
  • Wrong surgical intervention for the wrong body part.
  • The development of infections after surgery.
  • Nerve damage after medical intervention.
  • Not being informed about the medical risks of surgery.

In such cases, our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham must collect evidence about the respective doctor who committed errors during the operation. We also mention that family members can claim compensation on behalf of the person who suffered personal injuries following surgical intervention. The sooner you act, the better, and our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham will advise you on claim compensation and the compensation you should receive.

Claiming compensation for a misdiagnosis

Another type of medical negligence refers to misdiagnosis. In other words, the respective patient received a wrong diagnosis and even received treatment for it. It is clear in this case that the patient’s health can worsen considering that he received a totally wrong treatment for the problem he has, due to a wrong diagnosis.

To be able to claim compensation for misdiagnosis, we suggest you contact our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham and come with complete medical documents. Also, late diagnosis can be a special case for which specialist counseling is needed.

We will use the claim calculator with all the information gathered from the client who is facing such problems, to be able to determine the amount of money they can receive as compensation.

Do I need to go to court for medical negligence cases?

Making a claim compensation for medical negligence enters the attention of our legal advisors. This means that our clients do not need to go to court when proceedings take place, as this aspect can be properly handled by one of our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham. In most cases, a settlement is presented in a couple of weeks, yet, if the case is complex, things might prolong a little bit. No matter the case or problems you deal with, it is important to know that our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with comprehensive legal advice.

We have gathered information, facts, and figures about clinical negligence in UK, offered by the Ministry of Defence in UK:

  •  10,678 is the approximate number of medical negligence claims registered during 2018-2019;
  •  Medical negligence claims worth around GBP 6.4 million were registered in UK in the same period;
  •  Approximately GBP 3.3 million represented the highest value claim for a medical negligence case in UK.
  •  About GBP 2.4 billion were paid by NHS (National Health Service) for medical negligence claims during 2018-2019.

If you need legal advice for medical negligence cases, please feel free to contact our team of advisors. Legal representation can be offered by our medical negligence solicitors in Birmingham.