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Education Lawyers in Birmingham

Education Lawyers in Birmingham

An education lawyer in Birmingham has experience in a wide range of legal matters related to this important sector. Legal advice can be offered to students, teachers, parents, and even supervisors confronting different problems in the education field. If you believe it is time to discuss with our education lawyers in Birmingham, we invite you to give us an email or make an appointment with our specialists.

Area of expertise of our education lawyers in Birmingham

With a wide experience in the education field, our education lawyers in Birmingham can deal with discrimination issues, academic-related problems, contract breaches, college withdrawals, and more:

  1.  Assisting students to register and comply with the rules and regulations imposed by colleges and universities.
  2.  Investigating procedures and policies of educational institutions to be properly drafted and implemented.
  3.  Legal support for disputes with private schools.
  4.  Judicial reviews to decisions made by public schools, colleges, and related authorities.
  5.  Support for persons dealing with harassment and violence.

These are a few of the cases in which a specialized education lawyer in Birmingham can offer in-depth legal advice and guidance. If you find yourself in such difficult positions, you can discuss all the aspects with our experts in the field.

Dealing with university withdrawals

There are cases of students excluded or even withdrawn from colleges in UK. The consequences are definitely unpleasant, yet the student can ask for legal advice offered by an education lawyer in Birmingham who can verify if the procedures and policies have been respected in the first place. The main target is to help students gain back their position in college, by representing them in front of the authorities who made such decisions. If you believe you have been incorrectly excluded from the university, you can talk to our specialists and benefit from their expertise in this important area.

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Breaching the conditions of a contract

Even though the contracts offered by colleges aim to protect the rights of students, there are cases in which such rights are not respected. This is where our education lawyers in Birmingham can intervene and represent your interests. Not having complete access to specific seminars or documentation as stipulated by the contract or dealing with other breaches should suffice for a student to feel uncomfortable at a certain point. The same problems can be quite challenging for university professors who also find out that the contract regulations have been breached. In any case, the support of an education lawyer in Birmingham will prove extremely helpful right from the start.

Can I get support for university appeals?

Yes, this another important area covered by our education lawyers in Birmingham. Appealing a decision made by a university in UK should start with our legal advice and guidance, especially if, for varied reasons, you have been excluded from courses, or if you consider that the examination results are incorrect. Feel free to talk to our specialists and find out more details about how to make an appeal against university decisions.

How can we help Ph.D. students?

Even Ph.D. students might need the legal support of an education lawyer in Birmingham at a certain point. For instance, not having complete access to presentations or training, having worries referring to examination or supervisors might convince a Ph.D. student to take legal action. We have experience in this area and we can help Ph.D. students from a legal point of view to solve any problem that might arise. Plus, Ph.D. students can ask for support if they want to obtain fee refunds, get a new supervisory team, or re-investing in their positions at the university.

Choosing our education lawyers in Birmingham

The education sector is important and challenging at the same time, so people might confront varied legal situations they cannot solve on their own. The support of an education lawyer in Birmingham will prove very helpful because there are law sections that might not be in the attention of complainants. Regardless of the problem you deal with, you can rely on professionalist, efficiency, and confidence when collaborating with our team of education lawyers in Birmingham. Below you can find some interesting facts and figures about students and colleges in UK, provided by universitiesuk.ac.uk:

  •  Nearly 651 higher education institutions were in UK, according to statistics for 2018-2019.
  •  More than 2.38 million students were attending universities in UK during the same period.
  •  Around 140.000 students came from EU countries to study in UK, as statistics for 2018-2019 say.

Interested in the legal support offered by our education lawyers in Birmingham? You can contact us and make an appointment for further details and collaboration.