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Legal Aid Solicitors in Birmingham

Legal Aid Solicitors in Birmingham

The eligibility criteria for legal aid are normally established by the Legal Aid Agency in UK. Legal aid is the type of service provided to persons accused of serious offences and who cannot afford the costs. Our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with more details about these aspects, so you can talk to us if you need help.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from legal aid? Persons who cannot afford the costs of a lawyer and who are found in a difficult situation.

Examples of cases for which you can ask for legal aid

Our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham can represent you in cases of:

– domestic violence,

– abuse,

– minors involved in crimes,

– homicide cases,

– forced marriage etc.

Institution that verifies the eligibility criteria for legal aid

Legal Aid Agency in UK

We represent clients and apply for legal aid on their behalf (YES/NO) Yes 
Eligibility criteria for legal aid

Persons who cannot hire a lawyer in Birmingham to represent them must provide proof of their financial status.

Verification of the criminal record

The Legal Aid Agency can verify the criminal record of a person before granting legal support for free.

Can minors who are victims of violence solicit legal aid? (YES/NO)


Can persons in the situation of losing their homes ask for legal aid? (YES/NO)


We provide legal representation at the police station (YES/NO)


Legal aid for family mediation We provide legal aid for families looking for mediation, under certain conditions.
We represent our clients in the court of law (YES/NO)


Strategies for persons looking for legal aid

Our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham will verify the case and circumstances, if there are any breaches of the law and propose a suitable defence strategy.

We provide support for negotiation and paperwork (YES/NO)


Legal aid for asylum seekers (YES/NO)


We offer free case evaluation (YES/NO)


Legal aid areas of practice  Our solicitors in Birmingham cover a wide range of legal areas, including family, housing, immigration, and more. 

 Means testing

Eligibility often involves means-testing to determine if the applicant qualifies for legal aid. 

 Housing issues

Assistance from our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham is available for housing-related problems, such as eviction or homelessness. 

 Immigration matters Our legal aid can be offered for immigration issues, like visa applications. 
 Criminal defense

Our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham provide representation for those facing criminal charges. 

 Civil litigation

Our solicitors handle civil cases, such as personal injury claims and contract disputes. 

 Employment law

Our employment solicitors offer assistance in cases of workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal, etc. 

Community legal services 

Our solicitors work with community organizations to provide legal aid. 

 Language accessibility

Legal aid solicitors in our Birmingham law firm can also provide services in languages other than English. 

 Emergency legal aid In urgent situations, our legal aid solicitors can provide emergency assistance. 
 Financial contribution

Depending on income, clients may be required to contribute to legal costs. 

 Legal aid resources

Note that limited resources may affect the availability of legal aid in certain cases. 

 Changes in legal aid laws

Legal aid regulations and availability may change over time. So, consult our solicitors for information.  

 Appeals and reviews

Clients have the right to appeal decisions regarding legal aid eligibility. 

 Finding legal aid solicitors Access our legal aid solicitors for assistance in Birmingham. 

What you need to know about legal aid

Legal aid is free help provided by solicitors in Birmingham who can represent offenders without financial claims. In other words, persons accused of crimes who cannot sustain the costs of the necessary legal services can be good candidates for legal aid offered by our lawyers in Birmingham. The eligibility criteria must be verified by the authorities in the first place. Here is information about the eligibility criteria for legal aid:

  1.  Minors who are victims of violence and abuse and who do not have financial funds can solicit legal aid.
  2. Legal aid can be granted to women who are involved in forced marriage and who cannot afford the costs of a solicitor.
  3. Proof of the financial status will be solicited by the authorities.
  4. Legal aid can be granted to persons accused of varied offences, and who cannot afford the costs for the legal services involved.

The Legal Aid Agency in UK is the institution that verifies the eligibility criteria for persons asking for legal support without costs. If you need more details on this matter, please feel free to talk to our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham.

Here is a video presentation that might be helpful:

Victims of abuse and legal aid

Victims of domestic violence and abuse enter the concerns of the UK authorities. Women and children are the most vulnerable persons in front of family violence and domestic abuse, so, there are many cases where legal support is not affordable. This is where legal aid is highly recommended, especially because victims of abuse are vulnerable and need complete assistance and support.

Forced marriage is another important aspect considered by the authorities when establishing the eligibility criteria for legal aid. Unfortunately, situations like these can happen for many reasons and forced marriages might last for many years until being discovered. However, such cases can be subject to legal aid that can be offered by one of our solicitors in Birmingham. If you know persons involved in forced marriages or if you are a victim of such a serious issue, please feel free to get in touch with a legal aid solicitor in Birmingham and find out how you can be assisted and represented. We are at your service with immediate legal advice, so do not hesitate to give us a call. You can also collaborate with our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham. Ypu might want to read the following infographic:

Looking for a team of commercial solicitors in Birmingham? We invite you to discover the services offered by our experts. We can offer you the necessary support in corporate issues, business disputes, mergers, and acquisitions, buying a company, opening a startup, and many more. Professionalism, transparency, and confidentiality can be found on our business cards, so do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about the legal advice we can offer.

Can minors involved in homicide cases ask for legal aid?

Yes, minors involved in homicide cases can solicit legal aid from our team of lawyers in Birmingham. In terms of eligibility, minors without parents or tutors, or even a stable home will have lots of chances for legal aid in Birmingham. Homicide cases are quite complex and subject to a series of verifications and factors that can be explained by one of our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham. The authorities in the UK treat homicide cases involving minors with high priority, and legal aid can be the proper solution. If you know cases of minors involved in murder cases or related situations, please feel free to talk to our team of legal aid solicitors in Birmingham. Our property solicitors in Birmingham are also at your disposal.

If you want to sell or buy a real estate property, it is recommended to contact our property solicitors in Birmingham for specialized legal advice. Sales-purchase contracts come to our attention because we want to assure our clients of their accuracy. Also, in the case of conflicts in this sector, we will represent you from a legal point of view and offer a series of solutions to successfully overcome such situations. Contact us, therefore, for more information and support.

How is legal aid established?

There are a series of verifications that must be made at the time a person asks for legal aid. The criminal record, the financial status, the evidence in the case, the circumstances, and even the humanitarian protection can be among the important aspects verified by the authorities at the time a person asks for legal aid. Complete assistance and support can be provided by our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham. You can talk to our team and find out more about your rights and the ways you can receive legal support if you cannot afford the costs.

Legal aid available on a means and merits-tested basis

Legal aid can be received in various cases. Thus, according to the Children Act 1989, Parts 4 and 5, legal aid is offered for children under a supervision order. Regarding the Children Act 2002 and Part 1 of the Adoption, legal aid can be requested for recovery and placement orders involving minors.

Application for legal aid can also be made if an occupation or molestation order has to be issued, and this is stipulated by the Family Law Act 1996. The problem of financial circumstances will not be raised in such cases. You can discuss more about this topic with one of our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham.

Legal aid exceptional case funding

Free legal advice and representation are possible through legal aid exceptional case funding. Such legal aid is a decision made by the Legal Aid Agency, if:

  • Persons who request legal aid do not possess valuable properties or savings.
  • There are low incomes.
  • Not found in police custody.
  • It is a civil legal problem.
  • Is subject to immigration issues, domestic violence, and discrimination.

The Legal Aid Agency verifies each case presented and if the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, legal aid exceptional case funding can be offered. Please discuss with one of our Birmingham legal aid lawyers for a better understanding of legal aid exceptional case funding.

Providing evidence as a victim of domestic violence

As mentioned in this article, legal aid is offered to victims of domestic abuse and more. Such cases are treated with utmost seriousness, and if the victims cannot afford the cost of a lawyer, they can turn to our legal aid solicitor in Birmingham. Starting from here, you must know that first of all you will need to present evidence to support your problem. In this sense, medical reports certifying that you were a victim of abuse are important.

Also, as is well known, any domestic violence must be reported to the police, and supporting documents must be presented to support your case as you can request legal aid. The case becomes even more complex if minors are also involved in domestic violence. But legal aid can help you when you are in such a situation, especially if you cannot afford the costs of a lawyer. We remind you that the Legal Aid Agency is the institution that analyzes domestic violence cases, and, based on the documents and evidence presented, can make a favorable decision for you. We recommend working with our Birmingham legal aid solicitors to find out more information.

Is it hard to find a legal aid solicitor?

If you have not faced such problems in the past, it may seem difficult to choose a legal aid solicitor in Birmingham, who has the experience and help you from the start. This is not impossible, however, because such a lawyer must already have successfully solved cases, be professional, and explain in detail everything that interests you in order to further protect you and continue your life.

If you find these elements when looking for a good legal aid solicitor in Birmingham, then you can start collaborating in this regard. We remind you that our team has experience in cases of domestic violence, abuse victims, homicide cases, minors involved in crimes, and many more. All you have to do is contact us online or by phone and present your case to be able to start the necessary steps.

We have gathered some facts and figures about crimes in the UK, provided by the Office for National Statistics, for the year ending March 2020:

  •  The offences involving firearms decreased by 6% during March 2019 and March 2020.
  • The number of homicides increased by 10% in the same period.
  •  In terms of theft offences, a 9% decrease in burglaries was registered.
  • Unfortunately, a 6% increase of offences involving sharp instruments was registered between March 2019 and March 2020.

Persons interested in legal aid are invited to talk to our advisors and find out more about the eligibility criteria. Our legal aid solicitors in Birmingham can be contacted at any time.