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Beauty Treatment Claims

Beauty Treatment Claims

Beauty treatment claims can be made when a person discovers that the cosmetic treatments they had did not have the expected result, on the contrary. Injuries that occurred following treatment of this kind can have serious consequences for any person who feels injured by the unpleasant physical appearance. If you are also in a similar situation and want to ask for beauty treatment compensation, we recommend specialized help from our Birmingham lawyers.

What problems can arise after some cosmetic treatments?

A beauty treatment accident compensation may come to your attention if you have encountered problems following a cosmetic treatment, or injuries. Infections, disfigurement, allergic reactions, emotional trauma, burns, blistering, cuts, or ruined hair can be the results of bad cosmetic treatment. People in this situation are encouraged to make beauty treatment claims and ask for compensation. Such injuries can appear in anti-aging treatments, cosmetic surgery, lip fillers, dermatology, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, eyelash tinting, laser hair removal, piercing, or even rhinoplasty. We strongly recommend that people in such a situation ask for specialized support and get in touch with our lawyers in Birmingham. Our experts can tell you more about beauty treatment compensation and what you need to do.

How to make a beauty treatment claim

Beauty treatment claims should be made immediately after you have suffered such injuries. In this sense, it will be necessary to take photos, from which it can be seen that the treatment performed did not have the desired results, and therefore, beauty treatment compensation comes into question. Here are other details in this sense:

  • Information will be requested about the clinic where the respective cosmetic treatment took place.
  • It is necessary to prove the payments for the treatment performed in the chosen clinic and those related to recovery or restoration, where appropriate.
  • If injuries suffered as a result of a beauty treatment caused you to lose your job, you need to present evidence of this.
  • It is also essential to consider the appointments you have had, respectively to present data and information about them.

We mention that the calculation of beauty treatment accident compensation depends on a number of factors that can be explained to you by our lawyers in Birmingham. It is also important to know that our clients benefit from the advantages of the no win no fee policy, which means that they will not pay any money if the presented case has no chance of winning.

When should I make beauty treatment claims?

People interested in beauty treatment claims must act early, that is when they discover that they have received incorrect treatments. Even if you have 3 years for claim compensation, we recommend that you contact our Birmingham lawyers as soon as possible and discover the legal services offered. Here are some statistics about beauty treatment compensation in the UK:

  • For very severe facial scarring, the people involved can receive around GBP 97,330, the final amount.
  • Dermatitis resulting from poorly performed treatments can be the case for claim compensation. The maximum amount that can be received is set at approximately GBP 19,200.
  • For minor symptoms leading to damage to hair following a treatment, clients can receive up to GBP 7,340.

Therefore, discuss beauty treatment claims with our Birmingham lawyers and contact us if you want specialized help.