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Will Solicitors in Birmingham

Will Solicitors in Birmingham

Even though many people decide on making their will without help, it is advisable to amend such an important document, with assistance and legal support offered by a team of will solicitors in Birmingham. We present to you the reasons for asking for legal advice when making a will, helped by one of our will solicitors Birmingham. Our specialists can offer you the needed support in this direction.

Why persons need a will

Wills are made during an individual’s lifetime and are normally created and drafted to protect personal assets and belongings from going into the wrong hands. The beneficiaries of a person’s assets are the family members or charities, depending on the private requests and desires. Real estate properties, pension funds, savings, insurance funds, and investments are among the personal assets that can be mentioned in a will. It is important to know that properties from abroad can also be added in the final will, as these are recognized by the legislation in the UK. Our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham can help you create a will, in compliance with your requests and guidance.

Who needs to make a will?

Persons owning real estate properties, insurance policies, savings, and investments should pay attention to the importance of making a will, with complete legal advice from our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham. One should note that the rules of intestacy will be applicable if a valid will is not made, but instead of placing the family members in a difficult situation, it is required to leave all the things in the right order. Make sure you talk to our will solicitors in Birmingham and find out all the legal rights in this matter.

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Making a will, helped by our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham

The creation of a will can start with complete support offered by one of our will solicitors Birmingham. First of all, our clients will be suggested to make a list of personal belongings and then decide upon the distribution of the assets in the family. Here are the main steps and also information about wills in the UK:

  1.  Talk to our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham when making the list of assets. It is best to have legal support by your side.
  2.  If you intend to donate a part of your assets, feel free to write down this aspect.
  3.  In the case of children, it is recommended to appoint a legal guardian to take care of the assets until they reach 18 years of age.
  4.  You can also mention any other wishes you have, plus information about the entitled persons and beneficiaries of the will.
  5.  Our will solicitors in Birmingham can draft this document and be a witness at the time you sign it.

The legal steps of drafting a will are quite simple if support offered by one of our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham is requested. Please feel free to address our team and ask all you need to know about the stages of making a will.

Cases in which a will solicitor in Birmingham can help you

There are cases in which persons decide on making their own will, whether written or verbal, without extra support or guidance. Nowadays, the legal assistance and representation of an experienced will solicitor in Birmingham are necessary and recommended for properly drafting the documents of a will. This way, you can avoid any possible mistakes or unclarities referring to your last wishes regarding the legacy that passes by to your family or third parties. Legal advice is suggested if you share a property with someone who is not a family member, have real estate assets outside the UK, have children, etc. Moreover, an established will can help family members understand your intentions and therefore, avoid any possible claims or disputes. Looking for legal guidance and representation? We recommend you talk to one of our will solicitors in Birmingham and address all your inquiries referring to legal wills.

We have also gathered some facts, figures, and data about wills in the UK that you might find interesting:

  •  According to which.co.uk, and statistics revealed at the end of 2018, about 54% of UK adults do not have a will;
  •  More than 5.4 million citizens in UK do not know how to draft a will;
  •  The same statistics reveal the fact that 6 out of 10 parents do not have a will;
  •  About 26% of adults with little children decided to make a will.

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Our wills and probate solicitors in Birmingham have the necessary experience to help people draft this important document. If you believe it is time to draw up a will to express your last wishes regarding the assets you possess, we kindly invite you to contact our team of will solicitors in Birmingham.