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Corporate Law Firm in Birmingham

Corporate Law Firm in Birmingham

Meeting the expectation of our clients is extremely important to us. Therefore, our corporate law firm in Birmingham offers more than just legal advice. We work closely with our customers in complete confidence and professionalism, to provide the best possible results and to meet the expectations. We invite you to discuss with our team of lawyers and find out more about our legal services.

The legal services offered by a corporate lawyer in Birmingham

Our corporate lawyers in Birmingham can handle a wide range of legal aspects like dispute resolution, business employment law, mediation, company & commercial disputes, licensing law, insurance litigation, insolvency law, notary services, debt management services, and many more. Expert legal advice is offered in specific business areas, with the mention that company owners should ask for legal advice and representation right from the start of the operations.

Our corporate and commercial law services in Birmingham

A wide range of consultancy-based legal services is provided to our customers by our corporate lawyers in Birmingham. We present to you a few of the legal consultancy services that are required for your firm in Birmingham:

  •  Employment matters – new contracts can be completed with our support, while the existing ones will be reviewed. The employment legislation might suffer modifications, but our specialists will align with the new conditions in accordance.
  • Litigation risk management – the potential litigious situation in a firm is verified by our specialists. We can inform the management if something goes wrong.
  •  Company sales & acquisitions – would you like to sell a company or you are looking for acquisitions? The pre-sale contractual documentation plus related processes can be entirely overseen by one of our corporate lawyers in Birmingham.
  •  Commercial & Corporate Law – the legislative requirements for business enters the attention of our specialists who can guide you from the start.

We invite you to get in touch with our corporate law firm in Birmingham and find out more about the legal services we can offer. We work in the best interest of our customers to provide top services, solve business issues, and promote the best practice. You can also watch the following video presentation:

What are debt recovery services?

Debt recovery services are offered by our corporate lawyers in Birmingham. Some companies or natural persons might not accomplish the payment terms they are engaged in. With our cost-effective and efficient services, our customers can maximize their chances of recovering their debts. We will propose a new payment plan and mediation in the first place, in order to avoid litigation. If this kind of settlement is not possible, the next step involves the court of law where such cases can be sent. Mortgage repossessions, insolvency-related litigation, pre-litigation stages, support, and revising and renewing the terms and conditions, here are only a few aspects that enter the attention of our legal specialists. Our corporate law firm in Birmingham has the necessary experience in debt collection cases, so feel free to discuss this with us at any time.

Our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham provide you with complete legal services to be able to buy a property without fear that it is in litigation or involved in various legal issues. It is much better to collaborate with one of our experts than to act on your own because that way you will have the guarantee that the transaction documents are correct from a legal point of view. Contact us as soon as possible to benefit from free case evaluation and more.

Company litigation cases

There are litigation cases where companies get involved in varied problems. Commercial disputes are discovered on a daily basis and unfortunately are part of the business climate. Intellectual property disputes, contract disputes, problems between business partners, joint-venture disputes, banking litigation, or professional negligence are among the problems a businessman might deal with at a certain point. Each case is unique, so legal advice is required right away. Our corporate law firm in Birmingham can help you.

Our property solicitors in Birmingham can offer you specialist legal support if you are facing real estate disputes. If you want to make a real estate transaction and make sure that all the documents are in order from a legal point of view, you can rely on our support. We offer professionalism, transparency, and efficiency when we collaborate with our clients, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You can benefit from personalized offers and free case evaluation.

Legal advice for employment issues

Unfortunately, problems involving workers might occur in a company. Even issues between employees and employers turn into unwanted situations. Unfair dismissal, unpaid salaries, discrimination, harassment, unequal pay, and disciplinary proceedings are among the employment issues that enter the attention of our experienced corporate lawyers in Birmingham. Without legal advice and guidance, situations like these can get complicated and can be hard to deal with.

A corporate lawyer in Birmingham will know how to manage employment issues in a professional manner, presenting complete legal advice and a series of solutions. Each case is unique, and it is treated accordingly, therefore, legal counseling is required from the start.

We can manage the insolvency cases

Companies struggling with insolvency need legal representation and guidance right away. Different solutions can be adopted in the firm that only an expert can offer. For instance, a restructuring plan might be required, or renegotiating the payment options might be optimal solution. Company owners need to understand the importance of a corporate lawyer with experience in this field because there are legislative aspects that cannot be handled otherwise. We invite you to talk to our corporate lawyers in Birmingham and see how you can be helped from a legal point of view. We are here to properly manage any problem that might arise in your firm and to provide the optimal solutions for insolvency cases.

Dealing with transactional aspects

The corporate field comprises varied aspects related to business. Among these, serious attention is directed to different transactions that must be overseen. Buying a company, for instance, is a transaction that needs legal advice before settling the deal. Besides verifying the documents, a corporate lawyer in Birmingham will have to detect if there are any obligations or debts involved.
Any litigation case is rapidly detected with the help of a company due diligence, therefore, a transaction will not take place if such aspects are not solved in the first place. The same advisor will closely work with tax experts before concluding the deal.
Our customers can benefit from comprehensive support and guidance for mergers and acquisitions offered by one of our Birmingham corporate lawyers. Here are other aspects related to their work:

  • Drafting the documents for transactions.
  • Making a report about the future deal before any signature.
  • The transactions can be negotiated and a corporate lawyer in Birmingham can intervene.
  • The communication between the owner on the seller can be made with the help of such a specialist.

We work in the best interest of our clients to achieve optimal results, so feel free to send your inquiries and let us help you from a legal point of view.

Choosing our corporate lawyers in Birmingham

Looking for professional and dedicated legal services in Birmingham? It is time to work with our team of corporate lawyers in Birmingham and find out who they can help. The objectives of our clients are entirely understood right from the start, and they can rely on our professionalism, proficiency transparency, and competence. Our approach is to identify the needs of our customers and to propose proper solutions to achieve targets. Here are some facts and figures about business and companies in UK that you might find useful:

  •  According to the House of Commons, there were around 5.9 million private sector companies in UK in 2019.
  •  There are around 5.6 million micro-businesses in UK, according to statistics for 2019.
  •  More than 8,000 large companies in UK have more than 250 employees.

FAQ about corporate lawyers in Birmingham

1. What does a corporate lawyer in Birmingham do?
Corporate lawyers in Birmingham can handle different aspects like mediation, dispute resolution, litigation, debt management services, commercial disputes employment issues, and more.

2. Can I get support for mergers and acquisitions?
Yes, a corporate lawyer in Birmingham can provide legal assistance for mergers and acquisitions of companies. A process like this requires attention and support from a legal point of view.

3. Can a corporate lawyer in Birmingham manage debt recovery?
Yes, our team can offer debt recovery services on request. Clients interested in this type of service should know that mediation is the first step in solving debt recovery cases.

4. How is a commercial dispute solved by a Birmingham corporate lawyer?
Commercial disputes often occur in the business field. Some of them involve different contracts with conditions that are not respected, problems between business partners, intellectual property issues, and more. A corporate lawyer in Birmingham knows how to handle such disputes from a legal point of view and can offer the proper solutions after a preliminary verification.

5. Is debt collection a topic covered by a corporate lawyer in Birmingham?
Yes, this is another field in which our specialists have experience. Each case is unique and needs complete attention from a legal point of view, so persons who need counseling in this direction can talk to us at any time.

Legal advice is essential for a suitable business direction in a firm. Being guided as a company owner by a corporate lawyer in Birmingham will prove successful from the start.

Looking for a good and appreciated corporate law firm in Birmingham? Please feel free to contact our team of specialists and ask for comprehensive legal advice.