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Driving Offence Solicitors in Birmingham

Driving Offence Solicitors in Birmingham

Persons involved in car accidents should get in touch with one of our driving offence solicitors in Birmingham and find out how they can help from a legal point of view. Some driving offences may lead to unwanted consequences, victims, and damages that cannot be reversed. You might want to find out how our Birmingham DUI lawyer can help you in front of the authorities.

Types of driving offences

Failing to stop at the scene of an accident, drinking, and driving, causing accidents while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without insurance or license permit, dangerous driving causing death are among the serious driving offences a person can be accused of. These cases are treated extremely seriously by our team of driving offence solicitors in Birmingham who can represent offenders in the court of law. Cases of car accident victims need complete attention and legal representation right from the beginning, as these might get complex. There are also minor road traffic offences, such as:

  1.  Blocking a handicapped space;
  2.  Minor car parking accidents;
  3.  Speeding offences;
  4. Tax touting;
  5.  Driving without insurance and/or driving license;
  6.  Mobile phone offences.

We recommend you get in touch with our Birmingham DUI lawyer and let us handle your case right from the start. You should note that if kept in police custody, you should not answer police questions until your driving offence solicitors in Birmingham represent you.

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham can help you from a legal point of view if you are faced with business disputes, corporate matters, verification of business contracts, transfer of employees, etc. We will make sure that our clients receive the right solutions for the problems they face, in order to overcome them well. Therefore, get in touch with our law firm and discover which legal services can be of use to you.

Legal advice if you leave the scene of the accident

Unfortunately, there are cases of persons who are involved in car accidents and leave the scene without calling the ambulance and the police. In most cases, fear of dealing with the situation leads persons to simply walk away from the scene of the accident, which makes the case more complicated, especially if victims or deceased persons are involved. The advice offered by our Birmingham DUI lawyer is straightforward and refers to the fact that you should remain calm, call the police, offer first aid, and then contact your lawyer for extra support and legal guidance. In the case you are being sent to police custody, make sure you contact our driving offence solicitors in Birmingham who can explain your rights in the first place.

If such accidents involve victims, our team of driving offence solicitors in Birmingham will have to plan the defence strategy and represent you in the court of law. You do not have to be alone in this situation, on the contrary, you should ask for complete legal advice from our team of driving offence solicitors in Birmingham.

What happens if I do not provide a specimen for analysis?

Persons caught by the police in traffic for a checkup routine will have to cooperate with the authorities if drinking or drug-driving suspicions are presented. The police have the right to solicit specimens for analysis, check the alcohol level in your breath, or ask for a blood test. It is important to know that failing to provide a specimen for analysis is against the laws, and it is considered a serious offence, unless a person provides a reasonable excuse to skip such tests. Otherwise, the police can retain persons who fail to provide a specimen for analysis, particularly if they believe you drive the car after consuming alcohol. Let one of our driving offence solicitors in Birmingham take your case and provide immediate legal advice, in order for you to avoid penalties and imprisonment. We are at your disposal if you deal with driving offences of any kind.

Legal advice for speeding offences

In cases of speeding offences, penalties are involved, and persons might pay some huge fines. However, the police might consider you were involved in dangerous driving if the speed was that high. In such cases, the authorities can retain the driver’s license, impose disqualify points, and issue serious fines. Nevertheless, if you do not agree with the police decision, you should get in touch with one of our Birmingham DUI lawyers and ask for complete legal assistance and support. We have gathered some facts and statistics about traffic accidents in UK, provided by the Ministry of Transport for 2018:

  •  Nearly 1,784 road deaths have been registered in UK in 2018;
  • Around 25,500 serious injuries related to road traffic accidents were reported to the police;
  •  About 160,597 casualties of all severities have been reported;
  •  Around 44% of the road deaths involved car passengers.

Persons who want to know more about defence strategies for traffic offences can contact our team of driving offence solicitors in Birmingham.