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Commercial Solicitors in Birmingham

Commercial Solicitors in Birmingham

Commercial and business matters are normally handled by a professional team of specialized solicitors, like the one we have in Birmingham. Varied transactions, disputes, and court issues enter the attention of our commercial solicitors in Birmingham. Legal advice for company owners can be requested from our team who can guide them in a series of business aspects for which support is needed.

Support for business contracts

Business contracts are part of the daily activities of a company and are essential for the proper operation of a firm. A business contract is a legal document with which a company can protect commercial interests, among many things, so legal advice is required from one of our commercial solicitors in Birmingham. Besides legal support and assistance, our specialists can also help you with the negotiation part and other legal procedures that, in many cases, are not measured or considered by a company owner or investor. A contract normally contains the name of the parties involved in a collaboration, plus details about the responsibilities of each party. Also, the same contract has detailed information about how disputes can be handled, if they arise. If you ask for legal advice from our commercial solicitors in Birmingham, you will benefit from complete assistance and tailored services to the company’s needs.

Can I get help with employment matters?

Yes, our commercial solicitors in Birmingham have experience in cases related to Employment Law in UK. Many solutions can be offered to companies facing employment-related problems and other matters. Here is how we can help:

  1.  Drafting employment contracts for your staff;
  2.  Dealing with employment disputes (unfair dismissal, disrespected work conditions, racial problems, etc.).
  3.  Support for the transfer of employees.
  4.  Legal advice for work injuries, work permits, termination of contracts.

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham can cover a wide range of employment-related aspects for companies in UK, so feel free to give us an email with your inquiries.

Are you planning to buy a property? We recommend the legal services offered by our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham. Our experts can help clients verify the documents related to this type of transaction to assure them that there are no disputes. You can also benefit from our help if you want to purchase a house through mortgage, our specialists take care of the paperwork involved and more.

Corporate law services we can offer

Another important part of our activities is related to a series of corporate matters like corporate restructuring, taxation, investment and business advice, mergers and acquisitions, legal advice for startups, and many more. Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham can deal with all sorts of corporate transactions and can attentively verify and analyze all the contracts involved. Investors or entrepreneurs interested in buying a company can talk to one of our commercial solicitors in Birmingham and ask for legal advice and support in this direction. We can handle a series of matters from a legal point of view and solve any issue in a correct period of time, based on professionalism, flexibility, confidence, and transparency.

If selling or buying a property enters your attention, we suggest you contact our team of conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham. Our specialists can manage the paperwork and make specific verifications so that the clients are assured that the property is free of litigation. Expert legal advice is offered for entrepreneurs interested in making real estate investments, as this field might seem complex. Contact us for extra details.

Other legal services offered by our commercial solicitors in Birmingham

Seeking action and representing companies in the court of law, dealing with corporate claims and disputes, plus aligning and understanding the updates of the business legislation are other important aspects that enter our attention. There are several procedures and characteristics related to business negotiation that can be entirely explained by our commercial solicitors in Birmingham, so you can get in touch with us at any time for a personalized offer and legal advice for your concerns and problems.

Why choose our commercial solicitors in Birmingham?

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham have vast experience in the corporate area and can support company owners and investors in numerous business-related aspects. We work in compliance with the applicable laws and we are aware of the modifications that might arise in the legislation. Our clients can benefit from complete support for the cases presented and be guided throughout all sorts of legal aspects that might not be in their attention. We have also gathered facts, figures, and details about the business and economy in UK that you might find useful:

  •  Around GBP 2.21 trillion was the registered GDP for UK in 2019;
  •  Approximately GBP 396.6 billion was the total value of the manufacturer’s product sales in UK in 2019;
  •  About GBP 688 billion was the total value of e-commerce sales by companies activating in the non-financial sector in UK.

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with complete legal advice and representation, so you can simply give us a call for more details. Customized legal services are offered to our clients for which we address our full attention.