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Family Law Solicitors in Birmingham

Family Law Solicitors in Birmingham

Our family law solicitors in Birmingham have experience in a wide range of family matters, such as child adoption, divorce, civil partnership, children alimony, human rights, to name a few. Legal advice can be obtained from our Birmingham family lawyers.

Family law cases we can deal with

Besides the above-mentioned aspects for which you can receive legal advice, we can also help you with prenuptial agreements, judicial separation, family financial disputes, or cases that require the protection of children. Our team of family law solicitors in Birmingham will act in the best interest of the family and persons who present us their cases.

Is it hard to get a divorce?

A divorce can be settled in an amicable manner or in a court of law if the parties involved cannot agree on the new terms and conditions after separation. Here are extra details about the divorce procedure in UK, mentioning that you can rely on our Birmingham family lawyers:

  1.  You can end a marriage with the help of separation instead of a divorce;
  2.  A marriage can be annulled in UK, especially if we talk about persons who were engaged in such a relationship with force or threats;
  3.  The divorce process begins with evidence referring to adultery, family violence, or desertion;
  4.  Once the custody and alimony are settled by both parties involved, the divorce procedure can commence.

Our family solicitors in Birmingham can suggest a divorce in an amicable manner, in order to benefit from a simple separation process. However, we can represent you in the court of law throughout the entire procedure if the couple cannot settle an agreement.

Child custody and support – What you need to know

According to the Child Custody Law, parents have the right to join custody and take care of the children after a separation or divorce. Custody refers to the place where the child or children will live with each parent, after separation. In the case of joint custody, both parents will take care of the children and spend equal time with them. Also, the parents will be implicated in every life decision involving the children. This is normally the amicable procedure referring to child custody, however, if the parents cannot decide on the living and education arrangements, the case goes to the court of law where the authorities will settle the custody and child support. We remind that the authorities will act in the best interest of the children, and mediation will be the first step after separation. If you want to know more about child custody and alimony, please feel free to get in touch with one of our family law solicitors in Birmingham.

Corporate matters and business disputes can arise at any time, especially in a competitive environment. But to ensure that you will not have problems in this regard, we recommend that you contact our commercial solicitors in Birmingham and find out more about the legal services offered. Also, those interested in startups and employee registration can benefit from our support, as well as in the case of mergers and acquisitions. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from personalized offers.

Civil partnerships in UK

Civil Partnership Act 2004 is a set of laws that mention the recognition of this type of relationship in the UK. Thus, same-sex partners who have entered into a civil partnership in the UK or other countries are recognized for their status. If the partners want to apply for legal separation or cancellation, the law of the country in which they live will apply. We also mention that same-sex marriages are recognized in the UK. If you want to know more about civil partnership or same-sex marriage, we invite you to talk to one of our Birmingham family lawyers.

Family solicitors in Birmingham and legal aid

There are some cases where people can ask for legal aid. If they cannot afford to pay for legal services and prove that they have little or no income, then such a case may qualify for family solicitors in Birmingham and legal aid. Here are some cases where legal aid can be provided:

  • Child abuse.
  • Family violence.
  • Criminal cases involving minors.
  • Housing problems.
  • Debt.

What is important to note is that legal aid cannot be granted for cases of child abduction or mental health issues. Moreover, legal aid may not cover all expenses and you may have to pay some of the costs. You can talk to our family solicitors in Birmingham about legal aid.

Recognition of religious marriages and divorces

Religious ceremonies that have taken place elsewhere than the UK are recognized in this country. Also, foreigners who want to get married in the UK can do so and can choose either marital status or religious ceremony. Depending on the religion of the citizens, the ceremony can take place according to the traditions of the country of origin, in special places, as long as they are validated under the Marriage Act 1949.
Please note that you can count on the help of our Birmingham family lawyers if you are interested in getting married in the UK. We can explain the formalities and procedures related to the legislation in force.

Other legal issues in the event of a divorce

UK law clearly states that minors resulting in marriage are protected in the event of a divorce. The court is the one that analyzes the circumstances and especially the financial ones in order to be able to offer optimal living conditions for the children. Here are some factors the court gets into account:

  • Financial resources after marriage dissolution.
  • Financial needs for children to have a secure future and grow up in optimal conditions.
  • Mental or physical disability of spouses, if any.
  • The behavior of spouses and parents in the family, if there are cases that could affect the proper development of minors.
  • The contributions that the parents can make in the case of the divorce sentence.
  • Correct division of common property, without discrimination on the part of either spouse.

Those in a situation of separation or divorce should discuss legal issues with our family lawyers in Birmingham. They will be represented in court, whether they have minor children or not, and will share the common property.

Short facts about pre-nuptial agreements

Before getting married, some couples will have to decide whether they need a pre-nuptial arrangement or not. This means that all personal assets, money, possessions, and properties are protected in the case of a divorce or legal separation. Even though this is a sensitive topic and couples will rather not talk about it, especially if the divorce comes into discussion, it is recommended to pay attention to a pre-nuptial agreement and see how personal belongings can be protected. For example, persons owning a company are suggested to sign a pre-nuptial agreement and make sure their assets are protected right from the start before they get married. Our family lawyers in Birmingham will tell you more about these aspects and about how such an agreement can be exactly the type of protection you need. We also mention that pre-marital arrangements are not enforceable in the UK, nevertheless, couples might want to consider this aspect and try to protect their belongings. Here is what a couple should consider when signing a prenup agreement:

  •  The arrangement must be completely understood by couples;
  •  A family law solicitor in Birmingham will create the pre-nuptial agreement;
  •  Prenups must be made in a fair manner and not signed under pressure.

We have gathered some facts and figures about families in UK, information provided by the Office for National Statistics:

  •  Around 19.4 million families were registered in UK in 2020;
  •  27.8 million is the number of households in UK;
  •  2.9 million is the number of lone-parent families in UK, as statistics say for 2020;
  • London has the lowest proportion of one-person households, about a 24% rate.

Why work with our family lawyers in Birmingham?

If you are facing family law issues in the UK, it is recommended that you consult a specialist. Our Birmingham family lawyers will also guide you to the best results for your case. You can rely on professionalism, experience, communication, and efficiency when working with us.

Persons who want to know more about Family Law in UK are invited to contact us. Please feel free to discuss all your related problems with our family solicitors in Birmingham and find out the ways in which we can provide complete legal advice.