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Copyright Lawyer in Birmingham

Copyright Lawyer in Birmingham

A copyright lawyer in UK can represent their clients in cases of litigation or disputes and can also provide legal advice for those interested in the protection of intellectual property. A wide range of strategies can be presented by our team of copyright lawyers in Birmingham, so any inquiries you might have, feel free to address them to our specialists. We can provide you with different solutions for your problems.

How can a copyright lawyer in Birmingham help you?

The copyright works are protected by the UK legislation and particularly the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988. In cases of breaches of such rights, it is advisable to get in touch with a copyright lawyer in Birmingham for complete legal advice. Musical and artistic work, illustrations, photography, sound and music recordings, broadcasts, film, and television recordings are subject to copyright protection anywhere in the world.

The protection is offered automatically and the copyright prevents people from lending or renting copies of your work, making adaptation without a preliminary agreement, or placing it on the internet without having the right to do so. For persons who believe their rights have been breached, it is best to talk to our Birmingham copyright lawyers. Here is how we can help:

  •  A free case evaluation is offered to our clients who get in touch with us.
  •  We will analyze the case and provide legal advice from the start.
  •  We will identify the issues and see how intellectual property has been breached.
  •  We will investigate the suspected infringement, helped by experts in the field.
  •  We can help you maximize the potential of your copyright.

Our copyright lawyers in Birmingham are here to offer you complete legal advice and representation, so feel free to talk to us and solicit assistance.

The transfer of copyright ownership – We can help you

Persons interested in transferring the copyright ownership to another party can talk to one of our specialists. We can create a specific contract that comprises all the details about the copyright transfer, plus the rights and situations in which the copyrighted work can be used. Drafting copyright disclaimers, and related policies or dealing with infringement actions enter the attention of our copyright lawyers in Birmingham.

Can I ask for legal advice as a business owner?

Yes, if your company activates in the art and entertainment sector, you should solicit legal advice for protecting the copyright. This way, you can be sure that the copyright is protected, there are no chances for infringements, plus, you can raise your revenues from exploiting and licensing. Legal advice and representation can be offered by one of our copyright lawyers in Birmingham, regardless of your business type.

Our property solicitors in Birmingham can provide the necessary legal advice for foreign investors interested in developing a real estate business. With the help of our specialists, you will be able to buy the properties you want, after careful checks made by us. In addition, if you are interested in buildings under construction but unfinished or properties in a state of degradation, we will offer you legal help to check whether they are involved in litigation or not.

How can I sell or transfer the copyright?

Copyright owners can license the use of their work and can determine the conditions under which the copyright can be used. Persons interested in selling or transferring the copyright will have to agree on an assignment that must comprise complete information about the sale of the transfer of the copyright. However, it is important to note that moral rights can be kept, regardless of whether the copyright has been sold or transferred. This means that you can remain the author of the work and have second thoughts if you discover that such work will not be properly used, or if it will damage your reputation if wrongfully handled. This kind of aspect will be explained from the beginning, once you decide on the legal support offered by our copyright lawyer in Birmingham.

How do you stop people from using your work?

Unfortunately, some people and organizations use different materials or works without permission or license in this sense. Also, such unwanted situations can be detected in time or quite late, yet, it is recommended to ask for legal advice and guidance from a copyright lawyer in Birmingham. First of all, such users will have to align with the license requirements and check if such work can be used without any possible infringements. If not, the copyright owner can ask for their rights and also remuneration. This is a case where our copyright lawyer in Birmingham can represent you. Here are some facts and figures about registered rights in UK:

  •  Around 20,931 patent applications have been made in UK, according to figures offered by the UK government.
  •  Around 95,000 trademark applications have been made in 2018 in UK, from which more than 81,000 have been registered.
  •  About 26,000 design applications have been registered in UK in the same year.

For more details about the legal services offered by our copyright lawyer in Birmingham, please feel free to contact us.