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Prison Law Solicitors in Birmingham

Prison Law Solicitors in Birmingham

Our prison law solicitors in Birmingham can represent the interests of offenders who face problems like parole license, decision recalls, release dates, or prison disciplinary hearings, to mention a few. There are several areas where comprehensive legal advice is required, especially for complex cases where the applicable legislation is not fully respected. You can talk to our specialists and ask for verification of your case from a legal point of view.

Short overview of the legal cases we can handle

The rights of prisoners or offenders kept in custody are mentioned by the Prison Law in UK. The rights and privileges of a detained person might be breached at a certain point, leading to emotional distress, and other implications that might affect even the family. This is where our prison law solicitors in Birmingham can intervene, with the mention that our specialists have experience in a number of cases like these:

  •  We can help you appeal a verdict and assist you throughout the entire case;
  •  If the parole was not accepted, we can suggest you recall the decision;
  •  Legal advice can be offered if you are kept in police custody. Your rights can be explained;
  •  Legal assistance with complaints you might confront is offered;
  •  Disciplinary behavior cases can be verified by our prison law solicitors in Birmingham who can represent you from a legal point of view.

Looking for an expert in Prison Law in UK? Please feel free to get in touch with our team of specialists and find out all you need to know about your legal rights if you serve a few years of the sentence. We act in the best interests of our clients, regardless of the difficulties they deal with and we can adopt the best defence strategies possible.

Are you looking for a team of property solicitors in Birmingham for the real estate transactions you are planning? We advise you to request our legal services and choose according to the procedures you have to undertake. There are a number of formalities that you must take into account when buying or selling a house, and here you can be guided by an experienced lawyer. On the other hand, if you are involved in real estate disputes, we recommend our team receives the optimal strategies for solving the presented case.

Support for prison transfers

Serving a prison sentence is already a serious issue that affects a person’s life. Prison allocation and prison transfers enter our area of expertise, particularly if prisoners with special needs are involved. For example, there are offenders with mental health problems or drug issues for which medical supervision is required. This means that the offender needs to be transferred to a prison where he/she can receive the appropriate medical treatment.

Another case that enters our attention refers to overcrowded prisons, so a transfer, in this case, can be solicited. Our prison law solicitors in Birmingham have the proper experience to handle these cases from a legal angle and can offer optimal solutions and arguments for reaching a good outcome. You are advised to talk to our team of prison law solicitors in Birmingham and find out more about these important legal aspects.

Sentence planning matters – can I ask for legal advice?

Sentence planning is another important area covered by our prison law solicitors in Birmingham. The legal aspects referring to the prison conditions, appeals process, parole, adjudications, family visits, judicial reviews, and early release can be discussed with our prison law solicitors in Birmingham. Our team can arrange all sorts of hearings and paperwork and can represent the interest of their clients in a very professional manner. We are here to help you obtain better conditions and to ease the path of liberation by using the required legal tools. Also, there are many cases of law breaches that can help a prisoner change the sentence conditions, but, such aspects can only be handled by one of our solicitors in Birmingham.

Legal support for appeals

Appealing a verdict cannot be made without the support of an experienced prison law solicitor in Birmingham. There are particular circumstances and legal gateways that can be discovered by a specialist before appealing a verdict. If these prove successful, you have lots of chances to receive a new verdict that will only be to your benefit. The wide-ranging experience in Prison Law related cases speaks on behalf of our advisors who are at your disposal with immediate legal advice. Here are some facts and figures about prisoners and prisons in the UK:

  • According to the report issued by the House of Commons for 2019, there were about 87,900 incarcerated persons;
  • About 11% of foreign citizens are part of the total prison population;
  • Reports for May 2020 show that 49% of the prisons in England and Wales were over-crowded;
  • About GBP 40 is the average cost for prisoners in UK.

If you are interested in the legal services offered by our prison law solicitors in Birmingham, we kindly invite you to contact us by phone or email and ask for assistance.