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Divorce Solicitors in Birmingham

Divorce Solicitors in Birmingham

Our divorce solicitors in Birmingham can help couples separate in a legal manner and with no complications. As a main rule, it is important to know that persons can file for divorce after being married for at least one year. We can provide legal support and guidance for persons interested in separation, mentioning that each spouse ca be represented by a solicitor.

How do I file for divorce?

The separation starts when couples believe that divorce is the only option for them. First of all, our team of lawyers in Birmingham will offer the possibility of getting a divorce in an amicable manner, if child custody and assets distribution (properties, investments, trusts) are already established. This is a less time-consuming procedure, allowing partners to go on with their lives. However, if the divorce gets complicated, couples will have to go to the court of law and solve all the issues in front of the authorities, helped by one of our Birmingham lawyers. Here is what you need to know about the separation in the UK:

  1.  First of all, couples will have to explain the reasons for the divorce (adultery, violence, separation, etc.).
  2. Next, partners will have to agree on child custody (if it is the case), and property distribution.
  3.  Legal separation is accepted in UK if couples are not interested in a divorce.
  4.  The annulment of marriage is applicable if one of the spouses didn’t agree in the first place.
  5.  Couples can get a divorce only after a year of marriage.

One should note that a separation agreement is legal in UK and it is valid until one of the partners files for divorce. For more details about these aspects and the way you can file for divorce, please feel free to get in touch with our divorce solicitors in Birmingham.

How much does it cost to get a divorce?

Around GBP 550 is the cost of getting a divorce in UK, but other fees might apply at the time the documents are submitted. We remind that couples will have to present their reasons for separation and divorce, and proof that the relationship can no longer be saved. This is also known as the grounds for divorce:

  •  Adultery – one of the partners cheated.
  •  Violence – family abuse is a serious reason to file for divorce.
  •  Desertion – one of the partners left the family for at least 2 years.
  •  Partners lived separately for at least 2 or 5 years.

Filing for divorce if adultery is the reason

According to the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 that suffered a series of modifications in recent years, adultery is a strong reason for couples to file for divorce, mentioning that proof must be provided. Unreasonable behavior can be cited if the ex-partner had an inappropriate relationship with a same-sex person. More than that, the partner filing for divorce will have to prove that he/she no longer lives with the spouse for at least 6 months. All the provisions of the law referring to divorce and separation can be explained by our team of divorce solicitors in Birmingham.

What is a legal separation?

A legal separation is also known as judicial separation that allows partners to avoid a divorce but get alienated. In many cases of separation, cultural reasons, or religious beliefs, stand at the base of this decision. More than that, separation is recommended to couples who have less than a year of marriage. In terms of costs, separation is cheaper than a divorce, with a fee of about GBP 365 being applied. You might want to get more details about separation from our team of divorce solicitors in Birmingham.

What is a marriage annulment?

A marriage can be annulled for many reasons, and among these, family violence, abuse, or forced marriage. Another reason to cancel a marriage refers to one of the partners who was already involved in a partnership or a marriage. We mention that a marriage annulment might take a couple of months until it is completed. Instead of dealing with complexities related to a divorce, you might want to talk to our specialists and look for answers. The amicable divorce procedure is a great solution for couples who want to separate in a fast and correct manner if all the aspects related to custody and asset distribution are settled. Here are some facts and figures provided by the Office for National Statistics for 2018:

  •  There were 90,871 divorce cases registered in 2018, involving opposite-sex persons;
  •  12.5 years was the average duration of a marriage, according to statistics for 2018;
  • Around 428 same-sex couple divorced in 2018;
  •  About 51% of women filed for divorce in 2018.

Persons interested in the divorce procedure in UK are invited to contact our law firm in Birmingham for more details and complete legal advice.