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Injury Lawyers in Birmingham

Injury Lawyers in Birmingham

Persons who would like to claim compensation for different personal injuries are suggested to get in touch with a qualified injury lawyer in Birmingham. Such an advisor can help persons understand better their rights and claim correct compensation. We are at your disposal with complete legal advice and we can represent you in a court of law.

Types of injuries for which you can claim compensation

There are many personal injury cases we deal with on a daily basis, and here are a few examples to consider:

  1.  Road traffic accidents;
  2. Work accidents;
  3. Public accidents;
  4.  Industrial disease;
  5.  Slips, trips, and falls in public;
  6.  Medical malpractice;
  7.  Sports accidents;
  8.  Military accidents;
  9. Sexual and physical abuse.

Being hurt in an accident without your fault can be a good case for which you can claim compensation. Even minors have this right, helped by parents or tutors who can represent them. Unfortunately, personal injuries can lead to serious consequences, where persons can face unwanted physical and psychological trauma that cannot be treated. Our injury lawyers in Birmingham can help you understand your rights when claiming compensation and can represent your interests in a professional and confident manner.

Interested in a team of commercial solicitors in Birmingham? You can call our law office with confidence and discover the information that interests you. Thus, in cases of corporate matters, mergers, and acquisitions, startup registration, or negotiations, you can rely on our support. We are here to offer you the support you need to solve your problems from a legal point of view.

How do I claim compensation for personal injury?

It is quite simple to claim compensation for personal injuries as long as you get in touch with an injury solicitor in Birmingham and ask for complete legal advice. Some people might think that claiming compensation is time-consuming and ends up with no results. We would like to say that the situation is quite the opposite, as our team of advisors will provide complete and correct legal advice from the beginning. Here is how we can help:

  •  We will take your case and analyze the situation and the documents provided;
  • We will tell you if there are chances of success for your claim;
  • We will use the claim compensation calculator to see how much money you can obtain;
  • We will proceed with claim compensation as soon as possible.

Our injury lawyers in Birmingham are at your disposal from the beginning, so feel free to address your inquiries and let us handle the claim compensation for you.

Work accident claim compensations – What you need to know

Work accidents may occur when at least expected, due to reasons like negligence or incorrect safety measures, for example. It is good to know that you have the right to claim compensation, with the complete support of our injury lawyers in Birmingham. Once you present your case, we will analyze your winning changes and then tell you the steps involved in the process. Working with defective equipment, construction accidents, military injuries or factory accidents are among the work accidents that people might deal with.

Road traffic accidents – claim compensation

Personal injuries after a road traffic accident can be minor or severe, but if it wasn’t your fault, you can consider claiming compensation. Even pedestrians or bystanders implicated in road traffic accidents can claim compensation for personal injuries. It is important to know that the amount of compensation will depend on the type of injuries, damages, medical treatment, and consequences if there are chances to get back to your normal life or not, give a few examples.

Whiplash is the most common type of injury that affects the neck and other body parts if the accident wasn’t minor. Some cases are quite severe, so, support from family members should be considered, especially if victims of traffic accidents are hospitalized for a long period of time. A series of documents like medical and police reports are normally solicited before claiming compensation and starting the procedures. All you need to know about claiming compensation for road traffic accidents can be obtained from our team of injury lawyers in Birmingham, so feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We have also gathered some facts and figures about traffic accidents that you might find interesting. This information is offered by the Ministry of Transport and contains statistics for 2018:

  1.  More than 25,500 serious injuries due to traffic accidents have been reported to the police;
  2. More than 29,000 persons were killed in road traffic accidents, according to reports and statistics;
  3. Around 133,00 slightly injured casualties were reported in UK in 2018;
  4.  About 160,000 casualties of all severities were registered in 2018 in UK.

Persons who would like to benefit from legal advice and support offered by our team of injury lawyers in Birmingham are invited to contact us at any time. We are here to offer immediate legal guidance for any kind of personal injury claim.