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Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Birmingham

Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Birmingham

There are a number of disputes or conflicts that can be resolved through settlement agreements. This type of document must contain details about the respective conflict and the conditions under which it may end, as long as the parties agree. Our settlement agreement solicitors in Birmingham can advise you from a legal point of view if you encounter such situations for which a correct and concrete solution is required.

When is a settlement agreement needed?

A settlement agreement is the same as a legally binding contract, a document often used in civil law matters. When a conflict arises for which certain solutions are required, a settlement agreement may be the optimal solution. Here is when such a document is needed:

  • Labor disputes between employees and employers – both parties may agree, for example, to compensate the employee in case of dismissal.
  • Companies involved in certain disputes may seek mediation. Following this procedure, a first settlement agreement can be submitted, which mentions the conditions of reconciliation.
  • Cases involving personal property within or outside the family may also involve a settlement agreement.

The above-mentioned situations require special attention in order to be able to solve the problems correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to discover the services offered by our settlement agreement solicitors in Birmingham and to find out how you can be helped.

Settlement agreement for employment matters

There are situations in which employers have to make a decision on employees who do not perform as expected. Here, the conclusion of the employment contract by agreement of the parties may come into question, but not before establishing some conditions. In principle, in this case, the financial aspects and the amount of money offered as compensation to the respective employee will be discussed. A settlement agreement is the type of document that is offered and must be signed by both parties if they agree. Here is how to solve such a case:

  • The employee is informed of the decision to terminate the working contract.
  • The settlement agreement and the conditions under which the collaboration can be concluded will be presented.
  • The financial details can be discussed before signing this document in order to clarify certain misunderstandings if any.
  • No fees will be charged if the compensation does not exceed GBP 30,000.
  • The compensation is established on several criteria: the contractual period, and the circumstances, by comparison with the situation in which the employee could sue the company.

Both employees and employers can seek legal assistance from our settlement agreement solicitors in Birmingham to ensure that the documents involved in the process comply with applicable laws.

Do you want to sell a property? You will need legal advice to ensure that the entire process is free of complexities. Thus, you can contact our property solicitors in Birmingham who have experience in this field. We will make sure that the sale-purchase contract is in order from a legal point of view. Moreover, where necessary, we will recommend real estate due diligence and the procedures with the help of which any legal problem can be discovered in time.

The confidentiality clause in a settlement agreement

Even if a contract is terminated by mutual agreement, this does not mean that the details involved must be made public. This is where the confidentiality clause comes into play, by which one of the parties undertakes to respect it. In other words, information about the work performed, collaborators, and the amount of compensation received should remain confidential. Otherwise, the party who proposed the settlement agreement is entitled to seek justice in the courtroom.

Settlement agreement solicitors in Birmingham, a proper solution for you

Although it may seem complicated to consider the specialized help offered by a settlement agreement solicitor in Birmingham to resolve a case or a conflict, things are just the opposite. Such an expert will do nothing but advise you on the conditions mentioned in this document, their applicability, and the protection offered. A team of experienced specialists, such as our lawyers, can guide you from the beginning and can check a settlement agreement before signing. Therefore, you can rely on professionalism, confidentiality, and efficiency when working with us.

Here are some statistics about employment in the UK, offered by Gov.uk:

  • Between April and June 2020, more than 6,400 claims were resolved by the Employment Tribunal in the UK.
  • Also in the same period, about 26% of complaints in the employment sector were withdrawn.
  • Most complaints involved unfair dismissals in the UK.
  • Much of employment in the UK has been affected by the recent economic and health crisis, which has led to redundancies. Many affected people have decided to find justice in court.

Our settlement agreement solicitors in Birmingham can provide you with the necessary legal advice in various cases. Contact us for an appointment with our specialists.