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Property Solicitors in Birmingham

Property Solicitors in Birmingham

Our property solicitors in Birmingham can handle a series of property-related aspects and can help people with complete legal advice. Buying or selling a home are important real estate transactions. These can be overseen by one of our advisors in Birmingham. We invite you to discuss with our team of specialists and find out more about the legal services we can provide.

 Quick Facts  
Cases for which legal advice is suggested

– property lease and purchase,

– real estate acquisitions,

– residencial conveyancing

Types of services we offer

– legal advice for buying and selling properties,

– verification of contracts,

– representation for real estate disputes etc. 

Real estate due diligence


On request

Advice for signing lease contracts (YES/NO)


Support for commercial lease disputes (YES/NO)


Expertise before signing sale-purchase agreement (YES/NO) Yes
Home reports and survey 

On request

Legal advice for real estate investors (YES/NO)


Expertise and reports for construction of residential buildings

On request

Litigation representation (YES/NO)


Housing advice for locals and foreigners (YES/NO)


Local Council search for properties

On request

Assistance with Land Registry (YES/NO) Yes
Online legal support (YES/NO)


Free case evaluation provided (YES/NO) Yes
 Property solicitors definition Property solicitors are legal professionals specializing in handling various property-related legal matters. 


Our property solicitors in Birmingham assist clients with residential and commercial conveyancing, which involves the legal transfer of property ownership. 

 Property purchase and sale

 We handle the legal aspects of buying and selling properties, ensuring smooth transactions and compliance with laws.

 Lease agreements  Our lawyers draft and review lease agreements for commercial and residential properties, protecting the rights and interests of clients.
Property title searches and investigations 

 Our property solicitors in Birmingham conduct thorough searches and investigations to verify property titles, identify any restrictions, and ensure legal compliance.

 Property disputes and litigation

 Our attorneys provide legal representation and advice in property-related disputes, such as boundary disputes or landlord-tenant conflicts.

 Landlord and tenant matters

 Our lawyers handle legal matters related to residential and commercial leases, including drafting tenancy agreements and resolving landlord-tenant issues.

 Planning and development

 Our property solicitors in Birmingham offer guidance on planning permission, land development, and navigating local planning regulations and procedures.

 Mortgages and financing

 Our Birmingham lawyers assist clients in securing mortgages and financing options for property purchases, ensuring compliance with lender requirements.

 Property tax advice and compliance  We provide advice on property taxes and ensure clients comply with relevant tax regulations, including stamp duty and capital gains tax.
Leasehold and freehold properties 

 Our property solicitors have expertise in both leasehold and freehold properties, advising clients on the specific legal considerations for each type.

Property due diligence and surveys 

 Our team facilitates property due diligence, including surveys, to identify any potential issues or risks associated with the property.

Commercial property matters 

 Our solicitors handle legal aspects related to commercial properties, such as drafting and negotiating commercial leases and advising on investment properties.

Residential property matters 

Our property solicitors assist clients with residential property matters, including purchases, sales, remortgage, and lease agreements. 

 Boundary disputes and rights of way  We provide legal advice and representation in boundary disputes, easements, rights of way, and other property-related conflicts.

Legal support for buying or selling a house

The property acquisition looks like a simple transaction at the beginning. Yet, things can change a little bit because once you get to talk to our housing solicitors in Birmingham you will find out you need legal advice. Whether you want to buy or sell a property you own, it is best to seek legal assistance before any movement.

Our specialists will help you with the necessary documents for selling or buying a house. This means that these important papers will be attentively analyzed from a legal point of view:

  1.  It is important to verify if there are hidden problems related to the property you want to buy.
  2.  Some properties might not have all the needed documents for transactions. A housing solicitor in Birmingham will notice.
  3.  Real estate due diligence is often a suggested method before a property transaction, and that to detect any possible errors or problems.
  4.  Drafting and verifying the documents for property transactions enter our attention.

Legal advice for commercial leases and disputes

A commercial lease contract is approximately the same as the one offered to natural persons. In both cases, the tenant will have to respect a series of obligations regarding minor reparations in the house and proper maintenance of the house. However, if tenants do not respect the contractual commitments, different disputes might intervene. Also, property owners are entitled to make a claim against the tenant and recover the damages. In such a situation, our property solicitors in Birmingham can intervene and offer legal advice and representation. Such cases are also named “dilapidation”, or failing to respect the contractual obligations.

Our team of housing solicitors in Birmingham can represent your interests and offer legal advice if you face disputes like the ones mentioned above. Plus, you can watch the following video presentation on this topic:

Can I receive legal advice for residential conveyancing?

Yes, our property solicitors in Birmingham can help clients make a property transfer, also known as conveyancing. Our team is specialized in such matters and can help local and foreign customers buy or sell residential properties. The property transfer is the most important part of a real estate transaction. You might want to get in touch with our property solicitors in Birmingham and ask for legal advice before signing the documents. Our team has experience in cases of residential conveyancing, so make sure you get the proper legal advice for your issues.

Our team of commercial solicitors in Birmingham can offer you complete legal services in various areas. Corporate transactions, business disputes, or corporate restructuring are some of the cases that our specialists can deal with. Also, we represent companies in the court of law, in the care of mergers and acquisitions, plus legal support for startups. Whatever the problem you are facing, we recommend that you contact us and find out all the information.

What is shared ownership?

Shared property ownership involves more than two people who own a share or a part of a house. They can do whatever they want with the property share, as long as they respect the legislation. For instance, a person involved in a “Tenancy in Common” as it is named, can sell the property share or can mention it in a will. Unfortunately, shared ownership of a property comes with a series of problems and disputes. Our housing solicitors in Birmingham have experience in shared ownership disputes, so feel free to talk to our specialists at any time. Plus, we have prepared an infographic on this subject:

Legal advice for real estate investors

The legal support provided by our housing solicitors in Birmingham is not limited to regular transactions. Real estate involves many aspects, including those related to foreign investors. Companies interested in purchasing real estate have advice as well as specialized advice. There are quite a few issues that come to the attention of our experts and that can be easily solved. Let’s review some of these:

  • In the case of land acquisition by a foreign investor, a detailed analysis will be done. Our property solicitors in Birmingham know the law and can provide support.
  • Abandoned and disputed buildings or properties can be purchased. Prior to this step, a guarantee is needed that the respective properties are not involved in litigation.
  • Projects involving the construction of residential buildings require maximum legal attention. One of the experts can represent you.
  • Buying property for rent is another business of interest to investors. Here we can also help you.
  • The purchase of hotels by foreign investors is possible. Specialized legal advice can be provided by our housing solicitors in Birmingham.

So, these are some of the situations that our specialists can successfully solve. It is even recommended that foreign investors seek specialist help if they want to buy real estate.

Support for construction developers

Builders interested in developing real estate projects can benefit from legal advice from our property solicitors in Birmingham. As these projects are large and may involve large sums of money, legal advice is recommended.
Our experts can check the projects from a legal point of view and can point out inconsistencies if any. As foreigners are unfamiliar with UK law, they may run into problems obtaining certain building permits.
So we can get involved in the real estate projects you have, so you can get it done. Contact our housing solicitors in Birmingham.

Our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with specialist legal advice, if you want to buy a house. People interested in obtaining a loan can also request our help. And those who want to invest in the real estate sector can call on our experts for legal help. We can take care of the documents involved in the respective transactions, assuring the clients of their accuracy and legality, among others.

Housing advice

There are many who ignore the problems related to the house and who prefer to solve them on their own. Buying a home can reveal serious problems over time. The foundation may not be compliant or you may run into problems with leaks and flooding due to the structure. These issues may come to our attention because we can represent your interests. We can analyze the situation presented, and then take the necessary measures. We can also represent you in court if you want to sue the builder or the former owner for hiding the problems of the house.

Why work with our property solicitors in Birmingham?

We are a team with experience in the field of real estate and we can offer legal advice for those who want to do business in this area. Even those who want to rent a property can call us because we can check the contracts before signing.
Transparency, efficiency, and professionalism are some of the attributes on our Birmingham lawyers’ business cards. In addition, we start an open collaboration, based on communication, to know permanently what is the status of the case presented.

How can a housing solicitor in Birmingham help you?

Our property solicitors in Birmingham have vast experience in several cases and legal situations that we invite you to discover:

  •  Legal advice for property sale or purchase;
  •  Commercial and residential conveyancing;
  •  Legal advice for construction developers;
  •  Support for real estate investors;
  •  Legal advice for property disputes.

We have gathered some data and figures about properties in UK, provided by the Office for National Statistics:

  •  The average house prices in UK increased by 2.1% during March 2019-March 2020;
  •  The median prices for residential properties in England in 2019 ranged from GBP 22,500 and GBP 5,3 million;
  •  About GBP 232,000 was the average price for a house in UK, in March 2020;
  •  The highest annual price for properties was registered in London, and it was an increase of 4.7%.

If you would like to benefit from the services of our property solicitors in Birmingham, please feel free to contact our specialists.