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Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham

Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham

Support for student visa application, spouse visa, asylum application, family visitor visa, or citizenship are among the cases where foreigners can receive complete legal advice and support. Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham can assist persons throughout the entire visa application process and offer legal representation for any immigration issue that might arise.

 Quick Facts  
Who needs visa for UK

EU and non-EU citizens

Types of immigration services we provide

Legal asistance for obtaining:

– visa,

– residence permit,

– work permit,

– family reunification,

– citizenship etc.

Types of visas

– work,

– study,

– family,

– business,

– tourist,

– transit

Formalities/documents for short-term visas

– bank statements,

– valid passport,

– letter of employment/ college confirmation,

– standard forms

Requirements for residence and work permit

– employment contract,

– proof of financial means,

– accommodation,

– valid passport,

– biometric information,

– tuberculosis test (for citizens from certain countries)

Time frame for visa application Between 3 to 6 weeks
Timeframe for obtaining a visa (approx. period)

3 weeks

Validity of a general visa for UK

6 years

Legal aid


Legal advice for visa refusal (YES/NO)


Legal support for skilled worker visa application (YES/NO)


Assistance for citizenship application (YES/NO)


Free case evaluation (YES/NO) Yes
Assylum & human rights representation (YES/NO)


Corporate immigration services (YES/NO) Yes
Immigration solicitors definition  Immigration solicitors are legal professionals who specialize in providing advice and assistance with immigration matters. 


 Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham are well-versed in UK immigration law and regulations, offering specialized knowledge.

 Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

 Our immigration solicitors can guide and assist with ILR applications, which grant individuals the right to permanently reside in the UK.

 British citizenship applications   Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham can help individuals navigate the complex process of applying for British citizenship, including naturalization.
Appeals and judicial reviews 

Our solicitors can represent clients in appeals and judicial reviews against immigration decisions or refusals. 

Sponsor license applications 

 Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham can assist businesses in applying for sponsor licenses, enabling them to employ non-EEA workers under the points-based system.

 Human rights applications

Our lawyers can assist individuals in making human rights-based applications, such as asylum claims or applications under Article 8. 

 EU settlement scheme

 Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham can help EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens apply for settled or pre-settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme.

 Points-based system (PBS)

 Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the PBS and can assist with visa applications under categories like Tier 2 and Tier 4.

 Initial consultations Our immigration solicitors offer initial consultations to assess individual circumstances and provide tailored legal advice. 
 Document preparation and review

 Our lawyers can assist with document preparation, ensuring that all required forms and supporting evidence are complete and accurate.

 Fees and cost transparency

 Our solicitors provide clear information about their fees and costs upfront, ensuring transparency and avoiding unexpected charges.

 Confidentiality and privacy

 Our immigration solicitors adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy standards when handling clients’ personal information.

 Professional regulatory bodies

 Our lawyers are regulated by professional bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to ensure ethical practice.

 Experience and track record  Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham have experience and a track record of successfully handling immigration cases.

What types of visas do you need to enter UK?

Non-EU/EEA and Swiss citizens will have to observe the rules and regulations for visas for UK prior to arrival. No matter the purpose of the visit, it is required to look for legal support and advice in order to benefit from a smooth visa process and avoid any problems. Here are a few types of visas you should consider when visiting UK, with the mention that starting with January 2021, the post-Brexit accommodation period closed, and additional visa rules apply:

  1.  Short-term visas – you can apply for Religious Worker visa, Charity Worker visa, Creative and Sporting visa, short-stay visa, Government Authorized Exchange visa, etc.;
  2.  Investor visas – Start-up visas, Entrepreneur visas, Global Talent visas, Graduate Entrepreneur visas, Innovator visas;
  3.  Family visas – Spouse visas, Family Reunion visas, Marriage visas, Civil Partnership visas;
  4.  Student visas – Child Student visas, General Student visas, Short-Term Student visas;
  5.  Work visas – General Work visas, Temporary Worker visas, Intra-Company Transfer visas, Minister of Religion visa, Sportsperson visas.

These are a few types of visas that foreigners can obtain, depending on their purposes and needs in UK. The eligibility criteria can be entirely explained by one of our immigration solicitors in Birmingham who can also help you with the visa application. Here is a video presentation on this topic:

What is a UK Ancestry visa?

UK Ancestry visa can be obtained by Commonwealth citizens or by persons who prove that their grandparents were born in the UK. If you plan to travel to UK, you should apply for an Ancestry visa within 3 months prior the arrival. In terms of rules and regulations, persons of at least 17 years of age can apply for such a visa, prove they have enough money to sustain their living without asking for public funds, plan to work in the country or study. One of our immigration solicitors in Birmingham will offer complete support in terms of documents because it is extremely important to pay attention to this aspect. A copy of the marriage certificate of the grandparents or parents, legal adoption documents, if it is the case, and the work contract, if you accepted a job in UK, are among the required documents you should prepare for UK Ancestry Visa application.

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Short facts about work visas for UK

The Tier 2 visa is a work visa for UK and it is required for non-EU and EEA citizens who accepted jobs in the country. The main condition is to have a sponsor, and that can be the company you will work for. One should note that the work visa process can be handled by one of our immigration solicitors in Birmingham who can get in touch with the employer for specific documentation and many more. In terms of visa issuance, the application should start within 3 months prior to the arrival to UK, mentioning that the visa decision can be made in approximately 3 weeks. A Tier 2 General Visa is available for 3 years, with the possibility of extension. The following infographic shows details about the legal services we offer:

Is legal aid available for immigration cases in the UK?

Yes, you can ask for the support of our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham. Legal aid is offered to people who for various reasons cannot afford to pay for legal advice on immigration issues. People with low incomes or even without a source of money can receive, if they are eligible, legal aid. It is a misconception that a lawyer who provides legal aid is less experienced than a specialist who has a certain fee for the services they provide. It is good to know that our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham have experience in immigration issues and can deal with cases of asylum in the UK or the protection of human rights as a refugee. Each case has its own particularities, and foreigners who want to immigrate to the UK and need a visa and residence permit can call on our experts with confidence. Our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham will carefully analyze each case, and then provide the best solutions for the best results. Here is some other information about legal aid and immigration matters:

  • Legal aid is offered in asylum claims cases in the UK.
  • You can ask for legal aid for humanitarian protection claims. There are no restrictions in this regard after Brexit.
  • Our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham are entitled to make some checks regarding the income of those seeking such services.
  • Cases of domestic violence involving immigration issues come to the attention of our legal aid immigration solicitors in Birmingham.
  • Immigration detention is another situation for which those involved can seek legal aid from our immigration solicitors in Birmingham.
  • Applying for accommodation and funds is part of the asylum application. Our experts can help you.

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Judicial review in the UK

Although the latest changes in immigration legislation have affected quite a few cases, there are situations for which legal aid can be granted. For example, if the issue you are facing and which involves your immigration under certain conditions has been denied by the authorities, there is a possibility to seek judicial review. Only if judicial review is accepted, then the Legal Aid Agency can allow unpaid assistance to be given to people who are in a complicated situation. Normally, severe cases of individuals in need of immigration assistance are handled by lawyers who are convinced that they will receive legal aid funding. You can learn more about these delicate situations from our immigration solicitors in Birmingham.

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Help for skilled worker visas

A skilled worker visa is the type of visa required for those who want to work in Birmingham, UK, accepting a job according to their skills and experiences. The employing company plays an important role in issuing skilled worker visas because it has to offer a certificate of sponsorship, as part of the respective application. Here is some other information about skilled worker visa eligibility for UK:

  • The accepted job must be part of the list of eligible occupations in the UK.
  • Certificate of sponsorship must include information about the type of job offered.
  • The renumbering is done depending on the type of job, but not less than the minimum salary.
  • The application for a skilled worker visa will be made only after the confirmation of the respective job.
  • Knowledge of English and proof of this are required.
  • A skilled worker visa is valid for 5 years but can be extended, depending on the employment contract. You can apply for permanently settled status in the UK after 5 years with this visa.

Our immigration solicitors in Birmingham can provide you with the support you need to obtain this important visa. All the formalities come to our attention, including those related to the employer, with which we will collaborate from the very beginning. There is also the support of our property solicitors in Birmingham, if you want guidance and support.

Citizenship conditions for UK

Persons interested in obtaining British citizenship will have to respect a few important conditions, like being married to a UK citizen or living in the country for at least 3 years, under the ILR status (Indefinite Leave to Remain). In the case of unmarried citizens, the application can start after 5 years of living in the UK. More than that, applicants need to pass the “Life in the UK” test and prove their knowledge about the country’s culture, lifestyle, history, English language, etc. Before the application for British citizenship, applicants must not leave the country for more than 90 days in a year. All the details and information about the citizenship in UK can be offered by our team of immigration solicitors in Birmingham who can help foreigners with the application requirements and process. Here are some interesting facts and figures about immigration in UK, offered by the Office for National Statistics:

  •  More than 407,000 persons left UK in 2019, according to statistics;
  •  Approximately 642,000 foreign citizens relocated to UK in 2019;
  •  About 20,300 people received asylum and humanitarian protection during March 2019 and March 2020;
  •  Around 270,000 people moved to UK during December 2018-December 2019, intending to stay at least one year or more.

Why choose our immigration solicitors in Birmingham?

Although some immigration conditions in the UK have remained the same after Brexit, some laws have changed and may target different people. In order to have confidence that the visa or citizenship application is made in compliance with the conditions imposed, it is recommended that you consider the legal assistance of our immigration lawyers in Birmingham. Considering the case is unique, we pay attention to every detail, to be able to offer the best solutions, Professionalism, efficiency, and communication are among the attributes you can rely on when collaborating with our specialists. We are at your disposal if you want a correct and fast solution for obtaining a visa for UK, residence, naturalization, or citizenship.

Persons interested in immigration and visa matters for UK are invited to contact our team of immigration solicitors in Birmingham and ask for complete legal advice.