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Civil Solicitors in Birmingham

Civil Solicitors in Birmingham

Taking legal action against a person, company or organization can be commenced with complete legal advice offered by our civil solicitors in Birmingham. Our civil litigation lawyers in Birmingham can explain your rights and can represent your interest from the start if you decide on our complete and immediate legal services. We can represent your case and provide legal advice from the start.

The cases in which our civil solicitors in Birmingham can help

Expert resolution legal services are offered to our clients who get in touch with our team of civil solicitors in Birmingham. Here are the main cases in which you can benefit from the support of our specialists:

  •  Contractual disputes – in cases of contract breaches between companies and/or natural persons, our legal advice can be solicited;
  •  Bank and finance – our experts can cover a wide range of disputes that occurred in the banking sector.
  •  Bankruptcy – we can handle bankruptcy petitions, insolvency proceedings, debt recovery, or trustee in bankruptcy.
  •  Partnership disputes – these enter the commercial sector where you can benefit from our experience.
  •  Intellectual property disputes – intellectual property cases are treated seriously by our specialists.

If you believe you face one of the above-mentioned legal problems, it is recommended to ask for legal advice and representation offered by our civil solicitors in Birmingham. The experience we have in such cases combine with the professionalism, proficiency, and transparency we offer to our customers. Tailored legal services are provided to each client in the search for the best possible results, so you can simply address your questions to our civil solicitors in Birmingham.

Can I get legal support for loan contract disputes?

Yes, you can get in touch with our civil solicitors in Birmingham and find out how we can help you. Loan contract disputes are often met in the business sector, mostly referring to payments, commissions, insurance, and many more. If the contractual terms are not entirely respected by the parties involved in the arrangement, there are many chances for disputes to occur. If so, you should talk to us and ask for legal representation. We can properly verify the agreement, and offer expert legal advice from the beginning, to avoid any complex issues that might develop.

Looking for a team of conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham? You are invited to talk to our specialists and discover the services they offer. The purchase of a property involves a series of procedures, among them, the verification of its documents. We will assure our clients that everything is in order from a legal point of view and that there are no disputes regarding the respective property. Contact us, therefore, to benefit from the necessary support in your endeavor.

Legal advice for professional negligence

Professional negligence leading to financial losses might have a serious impact on company operations or the business environment. Accounting errors, incorrect financial advice, discovered errors related to contracts or mishandled trust funds might stand at the base of your problems in the firm. These are considered professional negligence cases for which legal assistance is required.

We recommend the services offered by our property solicitors in Birmingham if you want to invest in the real estate sector. Also, if you are thinking of buying a house and want to know how the documents are from a legal point of view, contact us with confidence. On request, you can benefit from expertise and reports before the construction of residential properties. You have part

Can I get legal advice for property litigation cases?

Yes, our team of civil solicitors in Birmingham is at your service if you face boundary disputes, landlord and tenant issues, restrictive covenants, trespassing, or property-related insolvency, to give a few examples. The legislation related to the real estate sector is often complex to persons who deal with legal problems like these. A correct approach and strategy can be offered right away by our civil solicitors in Birmingham, no matter the situation you confront.

Legal advice for civil fraud

Civil fraud cases may involve identity fraud, property fraud, intellectual property fraud, copyright breaches, and insurance fraud where companies or natural persons can confront unwanted consequences like financial losses, or property loss. Marketing and advertising scams describing false investment schemes (boiler room scams, Ponzi schemes) just to obtain money or other assets through illegal manners also enter the attention of our specialists. We are at your disposal for these cases and can help you recover your money by representing your interest in the court of law.

The following facts and figures reveal some interesting statistics about frauds in UK:

  •  About 49% of the reported frauds in UK in 2018 was represented by cybercrime, according to PwC’s Global Economy Crime Survey;
  • About 68% of the participants in the survey declared that frauds had a serious impact on their brand and reputation, while 77% of the respondents declared the major impact was on the business they own;
  • Approximately 50% of the participants declared they did not carry out general risk management in the firm;
  • About 23% of the respondents declared they experienced bribery and corruption-related frauds.

Looking for an experienced civil solicitor in Birmingham? Feel free to contact our team of specialists who can cover a wide range of legal areas that might interest you.