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Employment Solicitors in Birmingham

Employment Solicitors in Birmingham

Our employment solicitors in Birmingham have experience in the labor field and all the matters involving companies and employees. Besides responsibilities, employees also have rights, and if some are broken or not respected at a certain point, legal advice and counseling are recommended. Below, you can find out a few of the aspects we can handle from a legal point of view, but before that, you can address your inquiries to our law firm in Birmingham.

What type of employment issues can arise at the workplace?

The disputes between an employee and employer can be solved with complete legal support offered by a team of employment solicitors in Birmingham. Here are the cases in which you can ask for our legal help:

  1.  Unfair or wrongful dismissal;
  2.  Discrimination based on race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age, etc.
  3.  Unlawful wages deductions;
  4.  Working time regulations;
  5.  Grievances and disciplinary proceedings;
  6.  Harassment and bullying;
  7.  Issues referring to the national minimum wage and equal pay.

Besides these cases we can correctly deal with from a legal point of view, our Birmingham employment solicitors can also with maternity and paternity leave and pay matters, transfer of undertakings, settlement and work contract agreements, whistleblowing, and many more. Also, the arbitration for all sorts of disputes can be offered as solution for both employees and employers. Extra information on these matters can be requested from our employment solicitors in Birmingham.

Do I need help with employment contracts?

It is recommended to have legal advice by your side at the time you want to sign a work contract. This is an important agreement that provides information about the company, the job description, the responsibilities, and the rights of the employee, alongside details about salary payment, holiday, and other important rights. Even though work contracts are standard, whether, for a determinate or indeterminate period of time, it is suggested to read all the aspects and revised them from a legal point of view, to make sure that all the agreements and aspects are settled with the employer and are correctly stipulated. Please feel free to talk to our employment solicitors in Birmingham and find out more about your work rights and the work contracts available in UK.

Dealing with discrimination cases at work

Discrimination disputes might arise between workers or between employees and employers. Unfortunately, such cases might lead to unwanted consequences, and above all, the impossibility of working in a safe and respected environment. This is where our employment solicitors in Birmingham can intervene, by first suggesting an amicable way to solve the disputes raised in the company. It is often the ideal solution in these cases, with lots of chances of success. On the other hand, if there is no alternative to solve the issue, and deal with discrimination cases in the workplace, you might be suggested to go to the court of law and ask for your rights to be respected. Our Birmingham employment solicitors will represent you in a court of law if you deal with such problems related to discrimination at the job. We have extensive experience in this field, so you should get in touch with us and find out more details about how we can help.

We can provide you with the services offered by our commercial solicitors in Birmingham. Our specialists can deal with business disputes, mergers and acquisitions, support for startup registration, employment matters, business collaborations, and more. We have the necessary experience to help clients by offering them optimal solutions for the problems they face. So, contact us today to discover our legal services and benefit from them.

Help for harassment and bullying at your workplace

Another unwanted situation is the one referring to bullying and harassment of employees in a company. Some people might not have the courage to speak about these problems to the direct manager in charge of the staff, or they think it will simply pass. Unfortunately, cases of harassment and bullying are widespread and lead to serious consequences that in some cases, cannot be solved. Normally, people who detect such issues without being involved are suggested to talk to a supervisor and tell about the entire situation they witness. Next, the manager will have to solve the conflict in an amicable manner, helped from a legal point of view by one of our employment solicitors in Birmingham.

We have gathered a few details, facts, and figures about employment in UK, offered by the Office for National Statistics:

  •  4% is the unemployment rate in UK, according to recent statistics;
  •  More than 80% of men were engaged in the work field, as data for December 2019 and February 2020 reveals;
  •  The same period shows that around 72% of women in UK have a job;
  •  More than 10.7 million represent workers aged above 50 years.

Our employment solicitors in Birmingham are at the disposal of people looking for legal advice and support in the work field. Please feel free to contact us for extra details.