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Fraud Solicitors in Birmingham

Fraud Solicitors in Birmingham

Our fraud solicitors in Birmingham are at the disposal of persons accused of bribery, corruption, money laundering with complete and professional legal advice. There are many cases in which our legal representation and expertise are required, so we invite you to get in touch with our team and find out more about how we can help.

Types of frauds

A successful defence can be prepared by our fraud solicitors in Birmingham, no matter the type of accusations that have been brought to you. We have extensive experience in a wide range of fraud cases, as the ones presented here:

  •  Bribery – offering money in exchange for personal benefits like settling a contract or intervening in some cases to particular arrangements. The Bribery Act 2010 covers a wide range of bribery cases, plus penalties.
  •  Money laundering – such cases can be complex, especially if they go international. Organized crime groups are normally involved in money laundering.
  •  Investment frauds – these implicate businesses and companies that develop illegal affairs like bank investment schemes, stock exchange, etc.
  •  Benefit fraud – using false identities and illicit documents to obtain financial benefits.
  •  Corruption – public officials are involved in most cases of corruption. Immediate legal advice is required.
  •  Telemarketing fraud – involves persons who ask for money, in exchange for varied services or goods that in reality do not exist.
  •  Online frauds – these are related to identity theft where criminals access personal bank accounts.
  •  Employment fraud – offenders present appealing job offers in exchange for different benefits.
  •  Mortgage fraud – fictitious real estate transactions, false evaluations, asking for a higher mortgage compared to prices on the market.
  •  Insurance fraud – obtaining money from insurance companies by committing intentional acts.

These are only a few of the fraud cases for which comprehensive legal advice and representation is needed. Persons accused of fraud should ask for the support of our fraud solicitors in Birmingham.

How can our fraud solicitors in Birmingham help you?

Cases of fraud accusations can have a major impact and serious consequences on society and on the persons who face such accusations. Our fraud solicitors in Birmingham are at your service from the very beginning and can provide legal advice if you have been accused of fraud. Offenders can solicit legal assistance while kept in police custody, as this is one of the legal rights that should be attentively considered. Then, our advisors will analyze the case presented, in order to create and propose a defence strategy. The evidence and the circumstances are part of a fraud case, and our solicitors in Birmingham will have to verify each particularity and look for law breaches that can be advantageous for the client they represent.

Do you want to buy or sell a property? Our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal with specialist help. there are a number of procedures that must be reviewed and taken into account, but in order to benefit from a process without complexity, it is better to call on a team of experts. They can take care of the sales documents and check the documents of the respective property, in order to assure the clients of a correct choice from this point of view.

Applying for bail helped by our fraud solicitors in Birmingham

There are numerous cases of fraud in which the evidence presented cannot sustain the accusations. There are lots of chances for the accusations to be dropped, and then to proceed with the bail application, with complete legal advice offered by our team of fraud solicitors in Birmingham. If the case is not strong enough and if the fraud accusations cannot the sustained, then, the chances of obtaining bail are huge. The experience of our fraud solicitors in Birmingham is vital and can be just the necessary advantage in order for the charges to be dropped. Also, our advisors will negotiate the terms of bail and adopt the best approach for fraud accusations that have been brought to you.

Fraud statistics in UK

The UK authorities are well aware of the fraud direction, implications, and consequences to the public, and continue to fight against the phenomenon and to be proactive in all sectors of interest. We have gathered some interesting facts, figures, and data provided by ukfinance.org.uk, about the frauds registered in UK in 2018:

  •  About 56% represented financial fraud losses by payment card methods;
  •  Around GBP 671,4 million was the total value of fraud losses involving debit and credit cards;
  •  Approximately GBP 393 million was the total value of losses in the e-commerce sector;
  •  Benefit frauds worth around GBP 2.3 billion were registered in UK during 2018-2019.

Accusations of fraud should be treated seriously from the start, and legal advice and representation should be in your attention right away. With extensive experience in fraud cases, our fraud solicitors in Birmingham can assist persons with immediate legal advice and support. Please feel free to contact us if you need legal services.