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Human Rights Lawyers in Birmingham

Human Rights Lawyers in Birmingham

The fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in UK are entirely stipulated by the Human Rights Act 1998, in compliance with international laws. The protection of the rights of citizens enters the attention of the British authorities. Yet, there are persons confronting unpleasant situations where their rights have been breached. This is where the legal advice ad support of our human rights lawyers in Birmingham can be the right solution for persons found in this difficult position.

What are the key principles of human rights?

The right to life, the right to private life, complete access to healthcare and medication, freedom from harassment and discrimination, data protection, and the right to free education are important human rights anywhere in the world. The infringements of these rights can lead to severe consequences and life changes that nobody wants. Our human rights lawyers in Birmingham have broad experience in this important area and can represent your interests in the court of law. Here are some cases in which we can offer our legal advice and expertise:

  1.  Taking actions against the police – malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest or police negligence can be contested in the court of law.
  2.  Education-related infringements – if you believe your child is discriminated against and cannot access the education he/she is entitled to, you can solicit our help.
  3. Healthcare services – emergency healthcare services must be provided in any circumstances. Yet, if you are cut off from the required treatment, your case enters our concern.
  4. Data protection – your private information can be breached at a certain point, due to varied reasons. Feel free to talk to our team about your rights.

Our human rights lawyers in Birmingham stand at your disposal with comprehensive legal advice and representation, so you can discuss it with us at any time.

The Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act in UK

The personal information of citizens in UK is entirely protected, as stated by the Data Protection Act, part of the Human Rights Act in UK. This means that private data cannot go public without your agreement in this sense. Companies and different organizations cannot use your personal information without your consent, yet, if such breaches appear, it is recommended to talk to a specialist in this field. Medical or criminal records, and information about your financial status cannot be detained longer than necessary and cannot be offered or traded to other parties. Any confidential information about a person should remain the same without any other interventions. Failing to protect personal information from hackers is also a matter that can be handled by one of our human rights lawyers in Birmingham.

Our experienced team of commercial solicitors in Birmingham will be at your disposal with specialized legal advice in cases such as mergers and acquisitions, company investments, startup incorporation, and many more. If you are faced with employment-related issues, we recommend that you contact us and find out what solutions are available to resolve various conflicts. You can benefit from a free case evaluation if you contact us.

The right for healthcare services – How can we help?

Many British citizens depend on the health and social care services in UK. However, there are cases where such rights are cut off by unknown reasons or even mistakes. Our human rights lawyers in Birmingham can help you defend yourself against such breaches and represent you in front of the authorities. Failure to provide immediate medical treatments and depriving persons of suitable healthcare and medication are serious concerns for which you can ask for legal advice from our human rights lawyers in Birmingham.

Taking action against police abuse

Being wrongfully arrested, and dealing with excessive use of force or assault can be categorized as police abuse and breaches of human rights. People who believe that the police treatment was abusive at a certain point have the right to defend themselves and to solicit legal advice and representation. We have handled a wide range of cases and situations involving abusive police force, and we believe that people are entitled to know their rights in such unwanted situations. The abusive force of police is for sure a matter of discussions and legal representation, so make sure you talk to our human rights lawyers in Birmingham for assistance and advice. Also, we have collected some facts and figures about human rights breaches in UK:

  •  Around 23 people died in police custody or contact, in 2017.
  •  Around 291 deaths in UK prisons were registered during 2017-2018, due to causes like conflicts, homicides, or natural causes. Most of them have been deprived of their rights.

If you would like representation for human rights breaches, please feel free to contact our advisors. We can provide immediate legal assistance, as our human rights lawyers in Birmingham have experience in this significant field.