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Personal Injury Solicitors in Birmingham

Personal Injury Solicitors in Birmingham

With extensive experience in personal injury cases, our team of lawyers can provide legal assistance and support for persons interested in claiming compensation and benefit from their rights. Our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham will guide you step by step throughout the entire procedure, making the case less time-consuming. We are aware of the applicable laws and can guide you to the best possible results for your case.

How can a personal injury solicitor in Birmingham help?

Persons interested in personal injury compensations must know they can receive complete legal advice and support and they can be helped right away. Our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham will first evaluate the case presented without any charges (free case evaluation) and then will tell their clients what to expect further, based on the rights they have. Here are a few of the cases in which we can provide immediate legal advice:

  1.  Car accidents and road traffic accidents;
  2. Medical negligence and malpractice;
  3. Work accidents;
  4. Whiplash;
  5. Illness claims;
  6. Accidents in public places;
  7. Military accident claims;
  8. Industrial disease;
  9. Sexual and physical abuse;
  10. Holiday accidents.

Persons who believe it wasn’t their fault during an accident should talk to our personal injury lawyers in Birmingham and find out how they can claim compensation. It is quite easy to ask for your rights and look for justice in your case. This is where our advisors can intervene.

How do I claim compensation for a car accident?

We would like to mention from the start that not only drivers involved in car accidents can claim compensation. Pedestrians also have the right to compensation if they’ve been injured in an accident and if there are serious consequences. Our team of personal injury solicitors in Birmingham will take your case and start a preliminary verification to see the chances of success. Medical and police reports, photos, witness declarations, and medical bills are among the needed documents solicited for claim compensation.

Collisions, hit and run accidents without your fault are the type of accidents for which you can easily claim compensation, and even make a settlement. With vast experience in such cases, plus the ability to work with clients, confidently and professionally, our team of personal injury solicitors in Birmingham can be the proper solution for your legal issue. Also, it is important to note that we respect the “no win, no fee” principle, for customers to feel safe from this point of view. Also, it all starts with a free consultation as soon as you get in touch with us by phone or email.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence is the same as clinical malpractice and involves injured persons who didn’t receive the correct medical treatment. This is a case where claiming compensation is required. An incorrect diagnosis followed by inappropriate treatment is for sure a case that can enter our attention. Poor medical care provided in the hospital that leads to other health problems is sufficient for us to believe you have lots of chances to claim compensation and win. It is important to know that each case of clinical malpractice is different and so are the compensations. While using the claim compensation calculator, our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham will estimate the amount of money you can receive. We remind you that clinical negligence cases are treated seriously in the UK, so people claiming compensation have lots of chances to win.

Our commercial solicitors in Birmingham are at your disposal whenever you want, if you are faced with corporate issues or if you are interested in mergers and acquisitions, for example. Our team has the necessary experience to be able to help you in your endeavor, regardless of the problems you encounter. We ensure that our clients receive the best solutions for the problems encountered. Contact us today to discover our personalized offers and also free case evaluation.

Whiplash injury claims – What you need to know

Whiplash refers to neck injuries that can be mild or severe, depending on the accident. Persons involved in car accidents and having neck injuries followed by a series of treatments can think of claiming compensation, with complete support offered by our team of personal injury lawyers in Birmingham. Once you or your family member (in case the victim cannot be present) get in touch with us we will take your case and evaluate the situation. Just like in the above-mentioned cases, complete medical and police reports will be required, alongside other papers and evidence. Whiplash cases can be properly handled by our advisors. We have also gathered facts and figures about personal injury cases and the value, offered by the Ministry of Justice in UK:

  •  Around 2,700 was the total number of claims for the period 2018-2019;
  • Around GBP 3,3 million was the highest value for personal injuries after a car accident;
  •  Clinical negligence claim compensations worth around GBP 6.4 million were registered for the period 2018-2019;
  •  Around 4,000 personal injury claim compensations were registered in the same period in UK.

Those interested in the services of our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham are invited to contact us.