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Criminal Solicitors in Birmingham

Criminal Solicitors in Birmingham

Our criminal solicitors in Birmingham can assist clients in a series of legal aspects and criminal cases. Complete legal representation is offered to persons accused of fraud, manslaughter, drug offences, traffic offences, money laundering, and many more. We can also offer legal advice for persons kept in police custody, so make sure you address your inquiries to our team and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

A criminal defence solicitor in Birmingham for serious cases

Serious offences like fraud, possession of drugs, prostitution, arm robbery, blackmail, manslaughter, or business crime can lead to serious consequences like years or life imprisonment. Instead of facing such accusations without proper legal advice, it is recommended to hire the services of our criminal lawyers in Birmingham. They can represent you and analyze your case as soon as you get in touch with us. The evidence and witness declarations will play a major role in serious crime cases, and only a criminal defence solicitor in Birmingham will tell you more about these aspects. We can represent offenders in cases like:

  1.  Financial crime cases;
  2.  Manslaughter;
  3.  Murder;
  4. Drug offence;
  5. Domestic abuse and violence;
  6. Sexual crimes;
  7. Frauds;
  8. Robbery;
  9. Cybercrimes;
  10. Driving offences;
  11. Dishonesty offences;
  12. Military law offences;
  13. Homicide;
  14. Harassment.

These are only a few of the crime cases our team or criminal defence solicitors in Birmingham can handle. For complete details and information about the legal services we can provide in Birmingham, please feel free to get in touch with our advisors.

Legal help for bail applications

Persons involved in police investigations and kept in custody have the right to solicit bail. Our criminal solicitors in Birmingham will attentively analyze your case and represent your interest as soon as you get in touch with them. The bail application can be made with the help of our specialists who can represent their clients in front of the authorities where the bail will be established. According to the Bail Act 1976, persons accused of different crimes can solicit bail, but until this request is handled, individuals will stay in prison until the first hearing takes place.

It is important to note that the bail conditions will be handled by our criminal lawyers in Birmingham and presented in the court of law. However, if the magistrates will consider that the offender might get in touch with the witnesses or other parties involved, they might not decide on bail. All the aspects referring to the bail proceedings can be explained by one of our criminal law solicitors in Birmingham who have experience in cases like these.

Can my minor child be represented by criminal lawyers in Birmingham?

Yes, parents or tutors of minors with law problems should ask for legal advice from a criminal defence solicitor in Birmingham. Theft or robbery charges, property damages, and possession of drugs are the most common offences that involve minors. These cases are treated extremely seriously by the authorities, so immediate legal advice and representation are required. Teenagers can be legally represented by one of our criminal solicitors in Birmingham, so parents or tutors can get in touch with us at any time.

We invite you to ask for legal help offered by our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham if you want to buy a property, sell a house or get a mortgage. Our specialists can take care of the formalities and the verification of the documents of the property in question, to assure the clients that there are no disputes or other legal problems. So, contact us today to benefit from our support.

Legal support for sexual crime cases

Domestic abuse and violence, rape, sexual assault, forced marriages, or sexual abuse are serious cases that can be handled from a legal point of view by our team of criminal defence solicitors in Birmingham. Drug-facilitated sexual assault and unwanted sexual intercourse are part of sexual crime cases. If murder is involved, things can get complicated and so the case. This is certainly a serious case for which complete legal advice is required. Also, if you are a victim of sexual crimes, you can benefit from the legal support provided by our team of criminal law solicitors in Birmingham. We can represent you in the Crown Court, Magistrates’ Court, and Court of Appeal.

We have gathered some facts and figures about crimes in UK:

  •  A 9% reduction in crimes was registered during March 2019-March 2020;
  •  Offences involving firearms decreased by 4% in the same period in UK;
  •  The overall number of homicides grew by 10%, statistics say;
  •  The number of offences involving sharp instruments rose by 6% from March 2019 to March 2020.

Police station representation – Support from our criminal law solicitors in Birmingham

People accused of crimes and held in police custody must know that they have rights. Free legal advice can be offered by prison law solicitors in Birmingham even before being questioned by the police. Here are other rights you have if you are in police custody:

  • You have the right not to answer the police’s questions until you get in touch with criminal lawyers in Birmingham.
  • You must also be offered medical assistance if you present a precarious state of health.
  • You can ask a police officer to contact your criminal solicitor in Birmingham if you are not allowed to do so.
  • For less serious offenses you can ask for legal advice over the phone. But this does not mean that you will not be able to have a meeting with your legal advisor.
  • You can also ask for a translator, as part of your rights in police custody.

Besides these aspects, it is important to specify that the police cannot question you before discussing your rights and your case with criminal law solicitors in Birmingham. It is possible to be held in custody for 36 hours until you receive the desired legal assistance, but if you already have a lawyer, he can represent you immediately. Therefore, we invite you to contact our experts, in order to get out of this situation well.

What happens if the police do not treat you properly?

There are cases in which the above-mentioned rights are not fully respected. Also, you may be subjected to inappropriate treatments, perhaps even before being arrested. If, for example, a police officer used force when interacting with you, you can file a complaint in this regard. It is important to know your rights and act accordingly, also talking to one of our prison law solicitors in Birmingham.

Planning to make investments in the real estate sector? You may get in touch with our property solicitors in Birmingham and see how you can be guided in this matter. It is best to benefit from our support in the case of real estate disputes because some aspects might be stressful if you act on your own. We can manage the paperwork and we can also advise foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand their portfolios in this business sector.

Support for road traffic offences

Road traffic offences that are registered with deceased persons can come to the attention of a criminal solicitor in Birmingham. Those at fault can be represented by a specialist in this area because he has the necessary experience and can explain defense strategies.

You need to get in touch with one of our criminal lawyers in Birmingham and ask for specialized help. This way you will be aware of the rights you have, as well as representation in court. We can offer legal advice both for minor road traffic offences and for serious offenses like death by dangerous driving.

When it is necessary to request a criminal lawyer in Birmingham

When you are suspected or even accused of certain crimes, it is necessary to turn to specialized legal services. Our criminal solicitors in Birmingham are with you from the beginning, whether you are in police custody or you are called a suspect in a crime. It is good to know your rights from the very beginning and to go over the accusations with specialized legal counsel.

Why choose the services offered by our criminal law solicitors in Birmingham

Experience speaks for itself for every case that comes to our attention. We treat each situation with the utmost attention to offer the correct defense strategies. We are here to protect your rights and offer you specialized advice for the situation you are in. Transparency, communication, and efficiency are among the attributes we work with our customers.

Our prison law solicitors in Birmingham can deal with a series of cases for which legal advice is highly recommended. If you face accusations related to serious crimes, we kindly recommend you contact our law firm in Birmingham and find out all you need to know about the legal services we can provide.