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Litigation Solicitors in Birmingham

Litigation Solicitors in Birmingham

Debt recovery, business, and commercial disputes, breaches related to copyrights, real estate property disputes are among the litigation cases for which legal advice is highly recommended. Persons and companies involved in such situations should ask for legal assistance and guidance from one of our litigation solicitors in Birmingham. Below, you can find out information about the cases we can properly handle, with complete professionalism and transparency.

What is commercial fraud and how we can help?

Criminal conduct, dishonesty, and deceit can describe in large lines the idea of commercial fraud. The abuse of position for personal benefits is also considered commercial fraud and it comes with a series of consequences. Persons accused of commercial fraud can face penalties and even imprisonment, therefore, legal advice and representation are recommended. Here are some details about commercial fraud that you should know:

  •  Financial losses due to inappropriate activities like abuse of expenses schemes, bribery, and corruption.
  •  Fraud by false representation with the intention of gaining material benefits.
  •  Money laundering by controlling specific assets in a company.
  •  Providing private company information to other parties, in exchange for material advantages.

These are only a few of the types of commercial frauds from a very large palette of wrongdoings related to the business environment. Our litigation solicitors in Birmingham can represent your interests if accused of such offences.

Can I receive support for property litigation?

Yes, the real estate sector is vulnerable in front of frauds and disputes, so misunderstandings might arise at any time. Commercial landlords and tenants might deal with different arguments, mostly related to money but not limited to this. Besides that, claims related to property trespassing, dilapidation, or property ownership can be problematic to all parties involved, so immediate legal advice and representation is required. Our litigation solicitors in Birmingham are at your service if you deal with such unpleasant situations. First of all, our team of experienced solicitors in Birmingham will propose a series of amicable procedures to solve the disputes.

Mediation is in most cases a great solution instead of a lawsuit that might prolong for a couple of months or even years. Yet, if the amicable procedure is not an option, and if the case gets complex, our litigation solicitors in Birmingham will represent your interests in the court of law.

Interested in the services of our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham? Our specialists can successfully manage a series of procedures related to the sale and purchase of a property. Those who want to obtain a bank loan to purchase a house can also collaborate with our experts in the field. The documents involved in transactions related to real estate properties, as well as representation in case of litigation in this field, come to the attention of our attorneys. Contact us for an evaluation of your case.

Legal advice or breach of contracts

Unfortunately, there are numerous cases in which the legal agreements and terms are not fully respected. This is how disputes might arise in the business environment in a wide range of sectors. Instead of acting on your own and confront such an unwanted situation, it is best to hire the services of a litigation lawyer in Birmingham with experience in this field. Agreements made between business partners are based on mutual respect for the conditions agreed upon. However, if these are not entirely expected, and if financial losses or any other damages are registered, the case can go to the court of law. You can talk to us for legal advice.

Debt collection recovery, helped by our solicitors

Commercial debt recovery also enters our attention and company owners should know the importance of legal advice and representation in such a case. There are many reasons that stand at the base of unpaid debts, yet, this kind of problem can be handled in an amicable manner in the first place. If this solution is not appropriate, our litigation solicitors in Birmingham will continue with the proceedings and represent your interests in the court of law.

If you would like to know more about the legal services our litigation solicitors in Birmingham can offer, we present you a few details:

  •  Support for disputes related to debt management;
  •  Legal guidance for insurance claims, partnership disputes, rights administration;
  • Legal support in cases like commercial insolvency, contract disputes, negligence, civil harassment.

We also present you some facts, figures, and statistics about litigations in UK:

  •  About 30% of claims in the court of law in UK have been solved through arbitration (during 2018-2019);
  •  Approximately 27,200 was the total number of trials registered in Q2 of 2019 in the Magistrates’ Court.

Persons who want to know more about the legal services offered by our litigation solicitors in Birmingham are invited to contact us. Our specialists can offer tailored legal services in agreement with the needs and requests of their clients.